Darius Jasinski

The world is facing a lot of crisis economically and physically due to Covid-19. In such conditions, self-isolation for patients is not easy as mental challenges become difficult to deal with. The media is covering the pandemic daily. Anxiety is a common problem these days as the uncertain future and degrading current situation is making it tough for people to keepup. The feeling of stress is common amongst all. But stress becomes more challenging to handle when you don’t have the essential resources. Let us see whatDarius Jasinskihas to say in this aspect.

How to Deal with Work from Home Stress?

If you are someone working from home, you might need some tips and tricks to battle this pandemic stress. It is advised that one should implement all his usual practices as he would do on a regular non-crisis day. Which is to wake up, make your bed, shower, shave, eat your breakfast, etc. Each individual can develop their routine or structure based on their habits.

Another helpful tip is to set a targeted number of hours to work and give yourself short breaks, including half-hour naps if necessary. One should understand that working continuously might not be the healthiest option for their brain. Therefore, to take a break from work, it is important to indulge in a different activity. You can try cooking, doing household chores, or listening to music. You are advised to stay away from the news during thisperiod as it can aggravate feelings of anxiety and can put you into a lot of unnecessary stress.

How to Help Friends and Family Cope up with Pandemic Anxiety?

If you knowand are close to people who are getting anxious due to the stressful times going on, make sure you act as a source of relief for them. Instead of giving uncertain responses, make them believe that this time will pass, and things will be normal once again. Nothing is better than reassurance for an anxious person. Ask them what in particular is troubling them, talk to them, and try to find an apt solution for it. Talk to them about their loved ones and make them feel assured that everyone will stay healthy and fine. Tell them they are not alone in this. Make them realize they are normal to feel this way and this can be overcome by believing in self and with little patience.

Life in a pandemic is tough to live with a smile. But with little steps towards positivity, it can be made possible to sail our way through it. You must stay with your family and friends in these struggling times. Not to forget, while you are struggling with stress, some people do not have the resources that you have. So, you must be a help to the needy ones and be grateful for what you have. It is also necessary that you stay connected with your loved ones in these tough times.