People live a happy live doing their routine activities normally and without any challenge despite few controllable thing which can be manage by course of time. When you develop any kid of disability be it from accident, disease or from birth you will end up facing a lot of difficulties in coping with your daily job and normal personal activities. When this occurrence takes place you need to accept the challenges and move forward. When it comes to expressing and communicating about your disabilities in the workplace, the best approach depends on your particular disability, job, supervisor and personality. Here are tips that can help you survive disability challenges that you may face while in the workplace.

Accept disability that you have

When you are the victim of any disability, first and the foremost thing is to accept and take up the challenge. Don’t live in a denial because disability is not inability. Take heart bearing in mind the condition you have is just a matter of life taking it course. Don’t play blame game to other especially your colleague coz this can heart you even more.

Learn more about disabilities.

Take change to know about the human rights of people living with disability especially written policy in your work place. This will help your know the borderline which your cannot cross or your working colleagues cannot cross as well as learn what to do when you are offended. Learn about the disability that you have and want you can do to live a happy normal live. Have access to chancellor who can be source of information whenever you feel you need advice.

Find out what services can you provide and how much they will cost.

In your work place learn what you can do best and work toward give the very best from it. Know the challenges you can face when choosing specific task to be your line of duty. Learn how much it can cost you to achieve the goals you want to set in your work place.

Use power of assistive technology

Technology come with several advantages to aid people with disability achieve whatever they need to do. Wheelchair for example will help any individual with impairment mobility access different places which would be difficult to go to. If you have the normal argue to visit washroom or restroom and you are a female, learn how to select the best female urinal that suit you which will help you answer that call of nature with comfort that you need. Learn to embrace different technology that will be useful to different task which will easy your work and aid you live a normal life

Prove yourself you are capable

When you have set goals toward what you want to achieve work hard toward achieving it. Keep the working spirit alive and be focus to the goals you want to achieve. Make plan to meet deadline and objectives of what is expected of you.


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