College education is the beginning of a story filled with hopes, dreams, and aspirations that lead to a happy ending crowned with a successful career. Each chapter brings challenges that are often the cause of losing enthusiasm and motivation among students. Having a social life, eight hours of sleep and a healthy life does not seem to be possible when thousands of pages that need to be memorized are waiting for you. High grades are the output that is gained from the time and effort, which is also an excellent reward your devotion and energy put into the subject. The short time and the growing number of responsibilities are frustrating and stressful, so often students are trying to find alternative solutions that will help them gain the desired knowledge in a short time.

It’s no secret that in cyber societies the Internet is a major source of information that offers quick access to essays, videos, different types of recordings that are concise, short and easy to learn. But access to the Internet is enabled for everyone who owns a computer, so in the vast amount of information circulating in the cyber world, the accuracy and truthfulness of the content cannot always

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