For many, it can be hard to find the right balance between work and regular life. For a lot of people, the task may seem impossible even. Moreover, if not taken control of, not managing your work/life balance can cause problems with your mental health. It can lead to people becoming stressed and carrying over stress from work into their social lives. This will lead to an unbalanced and unhealthy lifestyle.

Luckily, there are a few things that you can do at work and at home to make your situation more manageable and avoid problems related to work. Things, like setting goals, talking to others, and taking a step back, can all be effective ways to improve your overall situation and decrease stressors.

For Work

Set Goals — Setting a sustainable and manageable goal for yourself every day will help you not only stay organized but also help you feel a sense of accomplishment when these tasks are completed. These realistic goals and deadlines will help you feel less stressed and create more control in your life.

Take A Break — It is normally OK to take a break at work, in fact, many employers often will encourage it so employees don’t get burnt out and too stressed. Small and short breaks at work will help clear your head and improve your day-to-day life. Being able to take a step back and deal with stress is important for your own personal health.

Increase Communication — If you are feeling stressed or overwhelmed at work, talking with your colleagues or your boss may be your best bet. In fact, there is a high probability, other coworkers may be feeling the same as you.

For Home

Unwind — It is OK to not think about work. When you get off work, take time to unwind and relax. You don’t need to be in work mode all the time. You have earned time to relax and it is important to remember that other people in your life, whether its a significant other, kids, or friends, that need you too.

Seek Support — If a problem becomes severe enough, it may be best to seek help from an outside source. Sometimes chatting with friends and family can help to improve your help. Seeking professional help can sometimes be required. If you are struggling and feeling overwhelmed or stressed out in your life, talking with a counselor or therapist can help.

Take Care Of Yourself — For a lot of people, just getting yourself in better physical shape can help to relieve stress and improve your overall health. Exercising is a natural stress reliever. Similarly, eating right and getting adequate sleep will help improve overall health. These are all healthy ways to attack stress, there are other unhealthy ways to deal with stress. Relying on drugs, alcohol, or cigarettes will generally only make your situation worse. Not only will these lead to short-term problems, but it can also lead to long-term effects of drug use on the brain.

Enjoy Hobbies — Whether is it reading, music, hiking, or something else, making time to do something that you enjoy can go a long way to improve your mood and overall attitude. It is a great way to get your mind off of the stress that you may feel at work. If you are not feeling the same joy that you once felt from doing these activities, it is a warning sign of depression and it may be best to seek professional help.

Finding a balance between your work life and your personal life is not something that happens overnight. You will need to work on it and take the time to improve. Staying committed to bettering yourself is mandatory if you want to see positive change.