Although freelancing is not very easy a job if you do not understand how to balance it. Like other works, which destabilize homes, freelancing is another work affecting marital affairs. Scores of families suffer setbacks due to what the key managers of the families are into.

If you are a man or woman, managing your family in a manner that your work won’t affect anything is important, else, your children will not enjoy your existence.

Due to busy freelancing schedules, many have been affected to the extent that they hardly find a woman or man to marry. This is because they have concentrated their time on work and not in getting a good woman or man to marry.

If you have witnessed the above or maybe you have gotten a good wife through Match Finder after going through a hard time looking for one, it is ideal you manage your homes in a manner that your children, wife or husband won’t regret marrying you.

In this wise, I have prepared ways you can manage your homes if you are a freelancer.

#1. Differentiate Family From Work

Your family deserves attention. That is why you need to differentiate work time from the time you use with your family. Even if your workbench is at home, your family still deserves some time when you have to stay away from your bench. You cannot use your day on your workbench and say your family enjoys you. No, you are only giving time to your work and not your family.

You can schedule some certain hours for work while giving some to your family completely. Concentrate on them for sometimes, and let them know what time they can discuss or lean on you. It may be hard in the beginning, but soon, your family will understand you and make sure your work time is observed without disturbance.

#2. Observe Work Free Days

Your wife or husband cannot allow you to work seven days a week because your family needs attention. While you work every day, you can relax during the weekend. During this time, help your children in solving school assignment. Engage them and let them not have the sense that you are part of them. Doing this will make them love you more.

#3. Hang Out With Your Family

When you are not busy, take your family out. There are many resort centers where you hang out with your family, to discuss your future endeavors. Discuss how to expand your earnings and let them know your plans for them. Hanging out with your family is a big way of saying you love them.

#4. Help In Household Chores

That you are a busy freelancer does not mean you should not support your family. Assist them in in household chores. This will reduce the burden on your wife or husband.

You have your responsibilities at home, stand up to them so that you won’t be a source of burden to your family.

Manage your marital relationship distinctly. Your children, wife or husband need your contribution. Do not leave them to it.

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  • Yusuff Olayode

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