I feel that my parents want me to target the mention very well since my older sister had it, but this pressure weighs on me,” says Simon in terminal S. Like him, you hardly contain your stress. So, if you need more than you manage that of your parents, it’s too much to ask you ! On the one hand, you would give everything to be proud of yourself, but on the other hand, this insistence tends to undermine your self-confidence. Your parents may think you can not graduate! Otherwise why are they so often on your back? Here are some tips to keep relationships calm,

1. Make your voice heard

words of encouragement for bad time
, retreat into their bubble. If you
belong to the second category, it is better to announce the color right away to
avoid unnecessary tension at home. Explain to your parents why you prefer to
stay discreet. They too have been there, they will certainly understand.
“It’s already very painful to have to deal with my worries, so if I have
to wear my parents, I do not give a lot of my results to the baccalaureate, I
love my parents, but I refuse to let myself be polluted by their bad waves,
” says Canelle

2. Protect them

A little empathy does not hurt. Think of your parents who are certainly as many nodes in the brain as you approach exams. Reassure them. For example, you can detail their program from day to day. This will help you prioritize your thinking to optimize your revisions! The advantage? They will eventually let you go a little if they see you taking your revisions seriously.

3. Be pragmatic

Rather than having to repeat the same info several times (with stress, they tend to lose your memory!), Print out the program of your exam week in black and white, with all schedules and locations. Then hang it in a place often used by your parents in the house: above the flush, next to their bed, on the fridge, etc. An unstoppable trick to avoid them asking you the same questions every day: “What time is your exam tomorrow, what is the test already, how long is it?”, Etc. “

4. Put them to contribution

Having parents involved in your studies, it’s still good. Your little brother is not available to hold your cards while you read them again? Ask your parents to ask you about your accounting knowledge. You are not safe that they give you some more anecdotes. What to shine on your copy! Why not play a game with them to work on your memory … and theirs (Vade retro Alzheimer!).

5. Make it your allies

Juliette, in ES, sees no reason not to put her parents in her pocket: “They trust me, and I know I can count on them to reassure me when I’m stressed.” Parents: psychological support but also material. It is still more comfortable not to have to think of stewardship when you are immersed in his books: the breakfast that awaits you in the morning; the lunch box that your mother has tenderly prepared for you; dinner that balm your heart … who other than your parents spoil you just when you need it most . Is it worth an SMS at the end of the tests to reassure them, right? 

6. Let them know about your progress on studies

Parents during exams really care about how much their children’s have completed or generally are tensed about the progress of their child for that particular exam. The thing is that maximum parents cannot guide their children due to work life and thus they don’t know fully about the topics that need to be covered for the exam. Now there are some parents, who keep a track of their children’s studies from the beginning and thus they know the progress of the child. But maximum parents can’t do so and as a result is the stress for their children now what you need to do is that you can confront your parents and tell them that you have completed this much syllabus for your exam and which may land you a decent score and that may relief some stress out of them.

7. Bust all myths about exam, marks and results 

You need to tell them one thing clear that getting 90 to 100% in exam is not the only option for your existence. You need to show them examples that you can do things that a 10 pointer can’t do and that is where their stress levels lower down. Let them know about how big personalities dropped out from their school and is now top earner of world. You can give example about Bill gates himself. However you should not drop out of school or college because that would be an odd thing. You need to let them understand that when they are caring more about marks, they are actually putting pressure on you and themselves as well and which may affect your exam. 


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