On the Holistic Wealth Podcast, I had the opportunity to interview Wendi Friesen, a worldwide leader in creating rapid change for life’s difficult problems, on how to manifest financial abundance and wealth. This was truly an exciting episode, because in my book Holistic Wealth: 32 Life Lessons To Help You Find Purpose, Prosperity and Happiness, I discussed the Law of Abundance, as one of the governing laws of holistic wealth. I also discussed taking measured risks in my book Holistic Wealth, and it’s part of the Holistic Wealth MindsetTM that I developed. That mindset is truly groundbreaking in terms of achieving your dreams.

As Wendi stated on the podcast, “if you have a mindset that you’re not worthy (of wealth and abundance) – you will make mistakes, and lose your confidence”. Wendi shared countless lessons on manifesting wealth and abundance that complimented the lessons I shared in my book Holistic Wealth. Since 1994 Wendi has influenced the lives of millions worldwide and brought insight, wisdom and spiritual growth to people in need. Wendi is described by her colleagues as a powerful healer, teacher and creative marketing expert, she is one of the most loved transformational trainers in the world.

As a flat-broke single mother of two, with no resources, money, help or partners, Wendi created a multi-million dollar transformation business for devoted followers who seek real change. Her work caught the attention of the media, such as the Queen Latifah Show and she quickly became an authority on how to make rapid and massive changes in your mind, body and spiritual life. Wendi.com grew to experience millions in sales in a short time, reaching the hearts and minds of people who understood how her sincerity and passion could transform their lives.

According to a write-up on Wendi in the Financial Times: “You probably never learned about the ENERGY OF MONEY. You were not taught the principles of manifesting abundance, creating powerful, motivating beliefs, and how to visualize your success until your subconscious accepts it as real. And you NEVER had the amazing chance to discover how you can create wealth almost effortlessly. You believed what you were told about working really hard, nothing comes easy, life is hard, and that money doesn’t buy happiness”.

Identify Your Money Blocks (I.e. Your Personal “Money Wall”)

Holistic Wealth Podcast with Keisha Blair: 20 Money Blocks To Release to Achieve Financial Freedom

In my book Holistic Wealth, I discussed the Law of Abundance, a very important concept to manifesting abundance and money. Addressing limiting beliefs around wealth and abundance is critical. Here’s a quick summary of Wendi’s process of identifying her limiting beliefs, as discussed on the Holistic Wealth podcast:

“It’s an experience that when you imagine some of these things vividly, it creates a memory in your brain and that memory is believed to be true, even though consciously I know that didn’t happen yet, but I still hold all the beliefs and the identity, the visions and the emotions of what I experienced. So I started on my timeline. I got relaxed, took some deep breaths, and got myself into just a light state of trance. And I imagined I was walking on a path through a forest. And as I’m walking on that path, I was going to go one year in the future, partway along this path, all of a sudden this big rock wall came up. And I didn’t create that or ask for that. It’s just this giant Stonewall and I stopped and I said, what do you want? And it wrote on the wall, your father“.

I said, why is that an issue? Or why did you stop me? And it said, that if you make more money than your father, he will be devastated, which was true because of his relationship with women creating any kind of wealth or success. So I go into this future, I took the wall down and said, thank you to it and crushed it. And I kept going for one year in the future. So here, I was seeing all these happy faces of people, hundreds of people that were grateful for the work I was doing, seeing their smiles and their eyes. I had written a book, which I had never done before. When people loved my book and I was getting all kinds of nice media attention for it. And when I asked my higher self how much money I made because the money, isn’t the first part of the focus of this, that’s part of what you do deserve, and you are worthy of in that future moment, but that’s not the first focus”. Money blocks are indeed part of money trauma and have implications for our financial well-being and success. The Institute on Holistic Wealth has a self-paced online course called the Certified Trauma of Money Consultant program as well as a Certified Holistic Healing Consultant program.

Visualize Your Wealth As If You’ve Already Received It – And Place Yourself on Your Future Timeline

A critical part of manifesting is believing it into being – and visualizing it as if you already have it. As Wendi stated on the podcast (a practical exercise on manifesting):

“I want you to meet your future self and to meet your future self, you’re going to relax your body and close your eyes. Take some breaths. And you’re going to float into a moment in the future. Let’s say six months from now as you’re getting closer and closer to that moment at six months in the future to meet your future self, you’re going to notice that this woman, that you’re meeting, she is very proud of what she does. And she’s very good at what she does. She’s very comfortable with people paying her very well for the work that she does because it’s valuable and because it creates something for them”.

“I have you go meet that future self face-to-face. You’re standing there looking right in the eyes of that future self I’m saying notice that she is so comfortable. About creating well and things have been coming to her very easily. She’s been really creative and brave and she takes some risks, but she has some insight and some deeper wisdom that guide her to know what she should be doing. And she thinks differently now. And I say, go inside that body and go inside that mind and just feel what she feels. Notice what her belief is about wealth and money. Notice what changed her resistance and the blocks that she used to have”.

Block The Negativity Out of Your Life

Holistic Wealth Podcast with Keisha Blair: How To Cope During Stressful Times.

In my book, Holistic Wealth, I have an entire Chapter about “The Naysayers”. There are people who have wonderful messages of love and encouragement but there are other people who have negative messages. And then, of course, there are the external negative comments that we have to deal with especially when we go through times of tragedy or crisis, and people are projecting their insecurities onto us as well and have the potential to create self-sabotage.

As Wendi stated on the Holistic Wealth podcast: “I think that neurologically your brain is going to find those emotional states that are feeling weak and inferior and unworthy and it could actually be reinforcing the very thing you don’t want, because we all have a little resistance over things, like we grew up thinking, Oh God, I’m so stupid. I always make mistakes. I just don’t know why I can’t like get a hold of this“.

On the Holistic Wealth Podcast, Wendi shared many nuggets of wisdom on how to manifest financial abundance and wealth, such as:

• How to release the blocks to success. Identify what your personal “money wall” is and feel the freedom of breaking through limits.

• How to find the part of you that continues to sabotage your success. Learn about positive intention and discover what it needs in order to allow you the freedom to make money.

• How to explore your future timeline to find out how your mind really projects your future. Talk with your future self and find out what you need to know from your future self, in order to have success.

• How to experience your goals and dreams on your future timeline. Placing them in your mind’s future timeline, then experiencing them as real, will blast you out of your comfort zone!

• Why your vision board could be reinforcing some self-sabotaging behaviours that could be preventing you from achieving your dreams.

• The simple, yet powerful process to eliminate negativity, release old limiting beliefs and replace them with solid, powerful beliefs. You can use this process for many of your inner conflicts and emotional blocks.

• Learn what happened when Wendi reveals her personal financial identity quiz results, based on the Personal Financial Identities Framework that I developed, and how you can maximize and harness the strengths of your own personal financial identity.

For more on achieving Financial Freedom, check out my new book: Holistic Wealth (Expanded and Updated): 36 Life Lessons To Help You Recover From Disruption, Find Your Life Purpose and Achieve Financial Freedom.

Holistic Wealth (Expanded and Updated): 36 Life Lessons To Help You Recover From Disruption, Find Your Life Purpose and Achieve Financial Freedom by Keisha Blair.

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