To manifest what you want, you have to bear the jerk that whatever has manifested (liked or disliked) is also what you wanted.That is, you have to be comfortable with the uneasiness between ‘what is’ and ‘what you think should be’ without any explanation.

Things do not happen as you wish. Thoughts, apprehensions do come to your mind, which you do not like. It means the ‘wishing entity’ is not in control. It means ‘wishing’ and ‘happening’ are related in a frictional mode. Can you feel this friction, this pain without any explanation?

Every moment, two possibilities exist. Something you want may happen or it may not happen. You want to remove the possibility of ‘may not happen’ by ideas, explanations. You want to enjoy the relief of undoing this possibility. You have to be silent about this possibility. Your imagination opens up.

You can not experience anything without contrast. You can experience certainty against uncertainty, pleasure, relief against pain, discomfort, clarity against ambiguity, what you get against what you want and so on.

Every time contrast is being created between ‘what you want’ and ‘what happens or what you think should happen’. You have to be comfortable with this contrast, this gap, this discomfort, if you call it so. This contrasting process is life, it never stops.

Once you notice this, you are on the Original ground.

The comfortableness with contrast puts you on the fluid ground, the ground of all possibilities.