We have been accustomed to spend most of our time worrying about our weaknesses than focusing on our strengths.

I have been researching successful people like Gary Vaynerchuk, Tony Robbins, Bill Gates & Jack Ma and they all have one thing in common; they focus on their strengths. They are always working on further developing their strengths while also learning how to manage their weaknesses.

“One thing that holds us back is fearing our weaknesses more than having confidence in our strengths” – Bill Crawford, Ph.D

Play to Your Strengths

Tiger Woods is a great example of someone who plays according to his strengths. Most people believe that he is a professional golfer because he has mastered the game. However, that is not true. He has mastered putting and diving but when it comes to getting out of bunkers he lacks the skill. By focusing on the skills of putting and driving and managing his weaknesses in the bunkers, he has developed himself to be a great player.

Strength Building

Talent is something you are born with; skill is something that you can learn by continuously working on it. Many successful people have specific strengths that are a combination of talent and skill. A motivational speaker like Tony Robbins may be born with charisma and has stage presence, but it is usually the learned skills of tone, and cadence that turn his talent into a strength of public speaking.

Find Your Strength

“Weakness is anything that gets in the way of excellent performance.” -Donald O. Clifton

In order to find your strength, you need to identify and understand the top five strengths you have by reviewing your behavior in various situations. Once you evaluate the situations where your responses are natural you will be able to see some patterns in your behavior. These patterns of gut reactions can reveal specific strengths. Next step is to focus on these strengths, work on them, develop them even further so you can master them. Once you master them you will build more confidence no matter how many weaknesses you may have.

Find Your Weakness

Next step is to identify and understand the top 5 weaknesses you have. Understanding your weakness and learning how to manage them as much a part of the equation as identifying your strengths. Once you can identify and actually believe that you cannot do a certain task because it is your weakness means knowing when to delegate or outsource that task to someone who is more capable.

It’s time that we remove these negative emotions from our system and focus on positivity. Always worrying about your weaknesses will never let you move ahead. Figure out your strengths and work on mastering them. That is the key to success.
Let’s try an exercise. All of you who have read through this entire article list down 5 strengths and 5 weaknesses on your computer or paper. Then one by one read through your weaknesses, imagine them, feel them in your system and then one by one delete or erase them from the list until you have no more weaknesses listed.

Next step read through your strengths, write a comment below and share with us how you are going to master them.

Originally published at besomebody.com