Influencer Marketing is the most cost efficient marketing method of 2018 and here are four reasons why.

  1. It costs close to nothing. You can find an influencer for free, product cost or extremely cheap. Influencers will represent your product & upload it to their social media channels for free if they like your product enough. Others will charge an up front fee and you will have to determine if you can getup positive ROI from it based off of their engagement. 
  2. It’s easy. A simple email or direct message asking for their rates and you’ll have a deal setup within a few hours. Landing influencers is as easy as cooking cup noodles. Finding the right influencers may be the harder part, but as with anything in life the more you do it, the better you will get.
  3. It builds your brand. Influencers are what take companies to the next level. Every time your product is featured somewhere, your social media will see an increase in growth, resulting in customers, which leads to sales and then more sales through word of mouth advertising. It is a never ending cycle and that’s why you cannot judge an influencer post with just the first day of sales after they post your product. 
  4. Credibility. Eventually, you will work your way up to massive influencers, even celebrities. Your company has now formed a legitimate partnership with a trusted individual or group which builds your reputation and credibility as a brand. More people will trust your company thus increasing your conversion rate.