Many of us struggle with motivating ourselves to complete difficult, tedious, or boring tasks. When it comes to motivating others, the role of a life coach becomes challenging but all the more important. There is no secret recipe or special skill that works for everyone, and motivating others often depends on the individual. However, there are a few approaches you can take if you are looking to help motivate someone else and push them in the direction of achieving their goals.

Lead By Example

The best way to motivate others, especially clients or those in your personal circles, is to keep yourself motivated. Good, positive attitudes tend to be contagious, and by proxy, those around you will be motivated by your own motivation. This creates a positive cycle of reinforcement that encourages you and those around you to achieve their goals.

Offer Praise

Simple words of sincere encouragement can go a long way. This by no means suggests you should coddle someone just to motivate them; instead, you should take note of their steps toward success, acknowledge even small victories, and reassure them when they experience setbacks or lapses in motivation. Giving 100% at all hours of the day is impossible, and the same can be said about working toward a goal. When it comes to motivating someone and helping them reach their goals, letting them know you are supporting them and that you see their effort and their progress can give them the push they need to keep going.

Assess What Drives Them

Not everyone gets motivated the same ways. There are two primary kinds of motivation: intrinsic and extrinsic. Intrinsic motivation comes from within, relating to the individual’s personal aspirations, feelings of self-worth, and passion. Those who are extrinsically motivated, on the other hand, maybe more persuaded toward success by external factors such as recognition, money, or accolades. Neither motivation is inherently better or more effective than the other, but knowing which one you and those around you prefer can help you tailor your efforts to motivating them. 

When it comes to motivating others, the true key is understanding what they hope to achieve, how they expect to work toward that success, and what typically motivates them most.