“I have no idea how to start!” Have you ever had an idea for something you’d love to do, then had this thought? It’s not uncommon to feel like you could use a little more clarity and a strategic game plan to conquer your passion projects or purpose-fueled endeavors. Especially, if you’re tackling these things in addition to a full time job, family responsibilities, and your day to day life.

I get requests all the time for a daily system you can rely on that will set you up for success to continually get you closer to your goals—whether they’re wellness, career, or life goals. 

For my exact system, click here! In the meantime, here are 5 things you can do to set yourself up for success in making time for your goals every day. 

Make your to-do list ahead of time so when you sit down to work you already know what to do/where to start
If you’ve ever wasted 30 of your allotted 60 minutes just trying to figure out what to do next, you know what I’m talking about. Instead of wasting your precious time coming up with a plan to take action, make your list ahead of time so you can jump right in!

Have a main focus for each day of the week
Rather than switching tasks every day, which expends more energy since you have to repeatedly activate and deactivate different parts of your brain, focus on one function each day by grouping all similar tasks together. This allows you to go deep into one set of activities, rather than shifting your attention. 

Identify your top priority of the day (yes, just one)
After you’ve made a to-do list, identify the ONE thing that absolutely needs to get done, and make this your priority. Sometimes things take longer than we think they will, so if you want to make progress every single day, differentiate which things can wait until later if necessary.

Schedule your non-work time (walks, breaks, workouts, lunch)
Do you have non-negotiable activities that make you feel good, help you stay focused, and restore your energy? Schedule them on your calendar so they don’t fall to the wayside. Even if they’re not directly contributing to your productivity (i.e. helping you cross things off your list), they’re just as important because they support your wellbeing.

Create work hours for yourself (when you start and stop work every day – no exceptions)
Don’t leave time for your goals up to chance! Identify when you’ll start and stop your work each day, so you can plan accordingly for the things you want to make time for. If you’re working a full-tiome job and pursuing your passions on the side, set firm start and stop times for your day job. 

Your goals don’t happen overnight. It takes consistent and intentional efforts, and small steps that add up over time. While these may seem like obvious tasks, they’ll set you up for micro-successes every day!