Move up the corporate ladder

We all want to move up the corporate ladder as quickly as possible but little do we know how to reach there.

For those of you aspiring to move up the corporate ladder here is some advice from the experts. Let us find out what you must focus on to reach the goal quickly. Hiring managers generally focus on few things while assessing the potential candidates.

Following are the things they look at:


Your achievements in the previous role play a significant role in deciding whether or not you have the potential to move up the corporate ladder. It tells the hiring manager about your potential and passion towards the job. Take some time and think of your achievements or if you are unable to recall good examples then work on it and achieve something substantial like the best employee award, best team or the top sales person award. Once you have something to quote, start working on how to share your story with the Hiring Manager.


To reach the next level you must have a positive attitude. This is the first thing people often look at to decide how professional you are. Whether it is talking to a co-worker or face time with senior managers, how positively you think, act and speak decides your promotion.


To make it simpler, your behavior is how you act and react to a situation or challenge. If you are the one who always sulks, complains about everything and spreads negativity around, watch it if you want to move up the corporate ladder.

Move up the corporate ladder
Move up the corporate ladder

Thought Process

How far-sighted are you? Do you see the big picture? Are you aware of your company know-how? Ask these questions to yourself to check your thought process. Experts suggest that this is a crucial trait of leaders and they don’t want to take a chance with someone whose thought process is not at par with their organizational standards.


Do you just look at the problems or do you find solutions instead? In your conversations with you boss, do you just focus on the problems or suggest solutions too?

When talking to a colleague, do you join them ruing the problems or find solutions?

Want to move up the corporate ladder soon, look for solutions and help your boss.


The frequency of your communication with your boss and team members matters. How effective is it also decided how capable you are?

Start improving it to move up the corporate ladder.

Art of delegation

You can’t complete all the tasks on your own. You must learn the art of effective delegation to move up the corporate ladder.

Negotiation/Persuasion skills

You should learn how to negotiate deals effectively and persuade others around you to win them over.

Analytical skills

This is one of the most important skills you must have to get promoted. Your manager would not want to promote someone who does not have an analytical bent of mind.

Emotional Intelligence

How you manage your negative emotions is very crucial. You can’t just lose control of your feelings and emotions in a professional environment.

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Time Management

Managing your time is key to getting tasks done on time. It also helps you strike a fine balance between your personal and work life. Experts indicate that they always judge their candidates on how effectively they manage their time.


Boost your productivity to catch eyeballs of your seniors. Get more done by being highly productive employee or team.

Self Motivation

You must work on how to keep yourself self-motivated to achieve more in your corporate career. Although your organizations would have fair methods for rewarding and recognizing its employees if you know how to keep yourself motivated and be consistent, you would certainly get a good edge over others when it comes to moving up the corporate ladder.

Self improvement

Improve your skills regularly, learn new things, look around and see what is the need of the hour and what would help you move up the corporate ladder.

For e.g Presentations Skills, Negotiation skills, Networking, Storytelling and persuasion skills and many more.

“It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.” – Charles Darwin

Good news is: You can manage to get promoted without a few of those but not all, hence start working on these traits to move up the corporate ladder without the favour of your boss.

All the best!

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