Our life cycles are bookmarked by beginnings and endings. From our very first breath when we begin our life, to our last breath as we pass, we experience countless cycles of change. This is true on a very personal level, and also related to others and situations in our lives.

We often welcome a new cycle with its promise of newness and delight. When a cycle ends, however, we can feel disoriented, confused, or even extremely sad or angry. Continue reading for suggestions of how to navigate unwelcome endings.

Unwelcome Endings

What’s an unwelcome ending? Typically it’s something that we didn’t want to end.


  • A cherished home is destroyed in a fire
  • A beloved pet or human passes
  • A cherished job is lost
  • A partnership or marriage ends
  • A disease reduces mobility

Any one of these endings could feel unwelcome and cause extreme suffering. This is the case even when we have spiritual awareness to know that all things change. We get this. Our higher reasoning understands that everything we are, everyone we love, and all things we experience will transition into something else. There is no solidity. Nothing remains static.

It often can feel impossible to accept an ending. Our emotions and our ruminating mind can take over our typical rational response. When this happens for you, do not judge. Be with the feelings and thoughts so you can process them. Accept yourself as you are. Trust that you indeed will move through the roller-coaster of feelings and worry about how you can cope with the ending. Remind yourself that you will be okay, and that indeed in that moment you are okay.

Opportunity at An Ending

Know that each ending comes with an opportunity. You may not see the opportunity right away — especially if you are grieving loss of a loved one, or a relationship that didn’t work out.

The Universe does not close a door without opening a window! I invite you to trust this with all of your being.

As you navigate any unwelcome ending, do your best to continually come back to the present. That is your place of empowerment and source of strength.

You don’t have tomorrow today. Yesterday is gone. Today is your opportunity to connect with a larger cosmic view of your life path. That view is eternal. Nothing and no one is ever truly lost. There are no mistakes.

That means every situation, job and relationship came with an opportunity and for your learning.

Gratitude Heals

Remembering this, invite a sense of gratitude for your life, for what you have experienced, and for those you love (either still living or now on the other side). Invoke gratitude, too, after a breakup with a partner when things didn’t work out. The act of gratitude can help heal both people at the end of an unworkable relationship.

Love is Eternal

Know that on a cosmic level, there is no barrier to communicating with your loved one – regardless of dimension. Love transcends time and space. It is eternal.

I look forward to your feedback on this article and knowing how I can serve you in an expanded way in 2021. Feel free to contact me at my website.