The teenage years is a crucial time. Otherwise known as “adolescence”, this period can be tumultuous- filled with ups and downs. Because of the rapid growth changes that teenagers are going through, this phase can quite be confusing. It is known as an interlude where one lets go of their sturdy sense of security in childhood and move on to getting a solid grip on adulthood.

It is during the teenage years when somebody learns to inculcate their sense of self. They have to cope with the new feelings and body image that are taking place in themselves. Teenagers have to likewise deal with the changes in the structure of the roles that they tackle with their parents, significant others and peers. In order to be happy and healthy as a teenager, you have to develop a strong sense of wellbeing. Doing so will make you optimize the opportunities that you come across with in life, making it worthwhile and fulfilling. Teenage wellbeing is an endeavor that the whole family should take on together.

5 Ways To Foster Your Wellbeing As A Teenager

According to the New Economic Foundation, there are 5 ways to attain and maintain teenage wellbeing. These are simple activities that teenagers and their families can do that can positively boost their collective wellness. What are these?

· Take time to connect. Nurture positive relationships with your family, friends and peers. Make an effort to build new relationships and actively maintain your connection with your friends. Be a dynamic member of your community, or in your school, of volunteering organizations and more importantly, your family. These can help you cultivate meaningful connections.

· Be physically active. Exercise regularly so that you can ward off anxiety and depression. It is necessary for teenagers to make time for consistent physical activity to relieve stress, especially when they have school exams and other related academic undertakings.

· Be mindful by being aware of your thoughts and feelings. Mindfulness is a practice where one learns to be aware and take notice of the “little things”. One of the best ways to express your mindfulness is through being grateful. At the end of the day, gather a few moments to be conscious and recognize three things that you are grateful for. Research has shown that this practice can significantly enhance one’s mental health and well-being.

· Keep on learning new and creative skills. The teenage years, in particular, is focused on learning, which in turn is vital for one’s social and cognitive development. As a teenager, try to learn new skills, especially those that are creative. This will enhance your self-esteem considering that it encourages social interaction and lead you into living a more active life. Learn to love learning because it is one of the most beneficial qualities to possess in life.

· Give some of your time and energy to help someone else. You’ll find that it is rewarding. As it inspires you, you’ll realize that it will enhance your sense of purpose and meaning. How about volunteering, or giving time to a cause that you feel strongly about? Give some kindness, too, because it will help you develop empathy.

Other Ways To Take Care Of Teenage Wellbeing

These are some of the most important ways to boost your wellbeing as a teenager. In addition, here are other ways to do the same:

· Eat healthy and nourishing foods

· Spend time in nature or the outdoors

· Tackle personal challenges that will stretch your ability, but are not overwhelming

· Listen to wholesome music

· Meditate

· Sleep for an optimum of 7.5 hours at night

Nurturing your wellbeing as a teenager will make you able to hurdle the pertinent challenges of this particular period of your life. It is essential for your health, wellness and happiness, leading to more success in your current endeavors as well as those in your future adult years.


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