Erin Condren in a video meeting leading her team during Covid-19 social distancing

Covid-19 is forcing us to change the way we do business, the way we shop, study, interact, the very way we live. As with any major change, it’s also forcing us to tap into creative solutions and discover new opportunities for growth. Here are seven tips to help you organize and motivate your team amid this global pandemic.

1. Start with yourself.

Everything with Covid-19 happened so quickly that it was hard to process (and sometimes it still is). How can you motivate or organize your team when you’re struggling with the immediate and imminent implications of a global pandemic? That’s unrealistic. Take the time you need to process, reset and motivate yourself before attempting to comfort and galvanize your team. 

2. Make a plan, but stay flexible.

Getting organized when the whole world is in a state of chaos can feel pointless, but I assure you it is quite the opposite. My team and I are less stressed and more prepared when we plan, adding more structure for support in uncertain times. So, definitely make a plan to support your company’s goals, but stay flexible. That way, when circumstances shift and evolve, you can adjust your plan, not your goals.

3. Talk to your team … often.

Communicate openly and honestly with your team. Know your team. Truly understand how Covid-19 affects them personally and professionally. Then, focus on their strengths and empower each member to leverage their expertise to keep the team strong, effective and productive. 

4. Stay open to new ideas and creative solutions.

What worked in the past may be obsolete in the age of Covid-19. Encourage your team to think beyond whatever problems the company is facing and focus on creative solutions. Fostering an innovative environment is a great way to prime your team to discover hidden opportunities for the company.

5. Lead with an attitude of gratitude.

No matter how tough it gets, always acknowledge and appreciate your team’s dedication and what you’re able to accomplish together. When you wield the motivational and inspirational power of gratitude, you focus your mind and your team on the big picture, instead of being distracted by obstacles. 

6. Take every opportunity to celebrate.

From small victories to big wins, celebrate as a team whenever you can–virtual parties, encouraging shoutouts here and there, whatever works for your team. This not only boosts morale and unity, but it also gives the team (and you) a little oasis of positivity in a sea of uncertainty. 

7. Prioritize self-care for your team … and yourself.

Now more than ever, self-care is critical for personal and professional survival. It’s easy to sacrifice self-care when there are so many competing priorities, but doing so can compromise everything. Encourage your team to prioritize their health and wellness with concrete actions they can take like regular breaks, exercise, enough sleep and maintaining a healthy work-life balance, even during the pandemic (especially during the pandemic). And make sure you lead by example.