how you can cope with procrastination and start doing something

Does it take forever to force yourself to start studying? It seems that somehow there’s always more important stuff to do, such as watching TV or infinite scrolling your newsfeed, reading How to edit a PDF  or Tech21Century. Then, when you finally start studying it seems that everything is against you. You’re overwhelmed with the studying material, and your mind won’t cooperate and focus. So, you end up procrastinating and feeling guilty for not studying. Not to speak of horrible consequences, bad grades, failed tests or poor performance.

If you can relate, keep on reading this article and discover useful and practical tips on how you can overcome studying procrastination.

1. Before anything else, preparation is the key to success

Before you even start studying, make sure you prepare yourself adequately for this glory endeavor. In other words, you should write down a good studying plan with a sprinkle of motivation to build a solid foundation that will resist procrastination and any distraction.

First of all, put on the paper the main benefit you’ll get from studying. Will it bring you closer to passing your exam and afterward to your desired carrier? Or maybe it will help you gain additional knowledge that you need at your work. Whatever the benefit is, the more specific you are, the higher your motivation will be to carry on and stay focused.

Then, write down your studying plan with a realistic timeline. However, make sure you divide it into smaller chunks. In that way, you won’t be overwhelmed by all that work to do, and you’ll feel more enthusiastic once you start tackling your tasks. You can find some professional writing serviceslike,, or EssayOnTime and hire college essay writer who will help you to create an amazing writing for you.

The last step is to get external support. It means you should pluck up courage and tell your friend, family or partner about your plan. In this way, you’ll commit and practically make a promise to somebody, so it will be harder to shirk your responsibilities.

2. Clear your path to success

It’s difficult to stay concentrated on studying when you’re surrounded by so many distractions, right? Popping up social media notifications, appealing empire of the Internet, and let alone essential things that you need to deal with immediately, like making coffee or checking the last episode of your favorite TV show.

That’s why you need to clean your study space and eliminate all distractions.

Start with tidying your desk and eliminating all unnecessary things, meaning you should keep only books, notes, and stationery. However, don’t forget to make the atmosphere – make yourself a coffee or tea and play some smooth, relaxing music.

As for distraction, try to put your phone on airplane mode. It is a great way to remove social media notifications, calls, and text messages. Also, it would be good to disable the Wi-Fi on your computer if you don’t need the Internet. Otherwise, you can use Freedom that will block all distractions so that you can focus on studying.

Last but not least, when urgencies arise, tell yourself that you’ll manage them later or tomorrow. This little trick keeps your brain and productivity happy.

3. Ready, set, go!

Once you’ve made a plan and prepared everything for a productive studying, it’s time to get down to business and start studying.

It would be good to use Pomodoro Technique to make that dreadful process easier. It’s nothing complicated. Just choose one task and set the alarm to study for 25 minutes without interruptions. After that take a 5-minute break to stretch or rest a little bit. If needed, you can adapt the timings to fit your studying needs.

Using the Pomodoro Technique will help you stay concentrated on your tasks which will result in productive studying.

Final words

In the end, remember to celebrate your small achievements and treat yourself with something that you like, such as your favorite chocolate, relaxing bath or next episode of the TV show you’re watching.

However, keep in mind that overcoming studying procrastination is a process and maybe it will take time to master it completely. Just don’t give up because practice makes it perfect.

One last thing: “A year from now you may wish you had started today.


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