All of us have experienced struggles at some point in our lives. For others, obstacles occur more often and sometimes all at once. For some, obstacles come once in a while. Obstacles can be anything: problems in your relationship, something doesn’t go the way you planned, issues with your car, etc. Some are bigger than others, such as a family member passing or moving on from a break-up. No matter the size of the struggle, it all leads to one common thing: feel frustrated and a feeling of giving up. What is the natural reaction we have to life’s struggles? You reminiscence about the past, you complain about things wanting to be different, you fantasize too often about what could have been, etc. These actions are understandable but will not change your life. It’s time to change your mindset. Here’s how to overcome life’s struggles.

Process your emotions:
Unlike other species on earth, humans have feelings. Emotions often dictate how we react to things that happen in life. When a significant life event occurs, we take little time to process our feelings and respond to them in the wrong way. Instead of analyzing how devastated you are from, say losing a relationship, you push that way and jump immediately back into the dating scene. Once you start dating again and get into another relationship, you’re worried continuously this relationship will fail like your last one. The lack of processing emotions when your relationship ended has caused more stress than necessary. Take time to understand your feelings. Don’t push down any feelings you are experiencing. Instead, welcome them in as they will lead you to make a logical reason.

Change your mindset:
Often when a struggle or obstacle gets thrown into our life, the first instinct is to complain and be ungrateful for what is happening. Life doesn’t happen for no reason. When an obstacle comes into your life, take it as a lesson to teach you something about yourself. Instead of complaining about the obstacle and the damage it may have caused, look at it from the other side. Is there something I need to improve? Do I need to learn to control my temper and not react so quickly? What can I do to make sure I lessen the chances of this happening again? All these questions will help you improve your insecurities. No flower grows without rain.

Accept change:
If you ask anyone, most people would say they want to have their life organized. Organization will allow you to have more control of your life. However, the only thing we can control is how we react to what happens in life. Change is inevitable. People change, plans change, obstacles that come into life change. If life were a straight line, that would not allow for growth or success. Change is what separates everyone as an individual. Instead of rejecting change, embrace it, and use it to channel your inner creativity to resolve an issue.

Remember your strength:
All of us have faced adversity at some point in our life. The struggles we met in the past are what made us into the person we are today. Even when a new challenge arises that we believe impossible, remember all the times you thought you could not overcome something. At some point, you overcame adversity and became stronger because of it. We all have insecurities that instigate the fear of the unknown. A person that wants to be happy and prosperous understands that embracing your flaws and working to improve them decreases your insecurity and increases your confidence level. With confidence, anything you put to you can achieve. Confidence takes time to build and will not be an overnight miracle. Remember all the tough periods of your life and how you came out of that situation. Your strengths are what make you so powerful and unique. It’s best to silence your mind of doubt and begin believing in yourself that you can conquer anything.

Life is not a guarantee. We are not promised tomorrow. Some people wished they had the obstacles you had. Be grateful for the life you have today, and set that as a daily reminder. Not only will you be happier, but you will overcome any struggle life throws your way.