They are part of the game — obstacles. Either you see them as part of your journey or you`re distressed your whole life. You have the choice. Here are three ideas to change your thinking about obstacles.

1. One day there will be green lights for you again

It was in Shinbuya in Tokyo together with my wife. We were standing on this big road and watching all the people crossing the street. It appeared to me the picture of a big river; a river full of people that were waiting at the traffic lights. People are waiting to have green lights again and I think this can be used as a metaphor for our life. Sometimes we have red lights because of obstacles and waiting is a bad feeling but you have to remember one thing: there will be green lights for you again. Just be passionate and you will get a new chance in your life.

2. Expect obstacles and prepare yourself

Real successful people expect obstacles because they know it is part of the game. Successful people already experienced growth, they know in order to grow you have to overcome some obstacles in your life. That`s just part of life and when you know that you can prepare yourself. Just choose in advance how you`re going to react to the obstacle. Look at the last five obstacles or conflicts that you met. How did you react? Did you react pushy and angry? Or did you leave the room? This by the way shows a lot about how you handle conflicts. So, sit down and write how you would react to a major obstacle from your highest self. How would you behave? How would you react? Just choose in advance and it will be a game changer for you because this gives you the comfort of knowing what you`re going to do.

3. Connect with other people

Often times when we have obstacles we separate ourselves from the lives of other people. “THEY can`t understand my problem” or “Just I have this problem”. This doesn`t make any sense because often times many other people had the same problem. Be aware of this and make your research. This means look in the internet for how-to advice or speak with people you know about your problem and already solved it. You could also ask questions at blogs or comment specific articles in order to get more insides. Being proactive means trying to find a solution for your topic and using the help of others. Don`t see yourself separated from other people, see yourself reunited with people that already achieved or solved your obstacle.

Obstacles are not your enemies they are your catalyst for your personal growth. So accept obstacles and always remember that there will be green lights again for you soon. Just be patient and you will achieve you`re goal.

Ceyhun Yakup Özkardes is creator of the online course Author-preneur — path to freedom and success where he teaches marketing and selling strategies for book authors.

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