Whether you’re already used to working from home or are just starting due to the current circumstances, most likely you will face procrastination at one point or another. Or you simply just struggle to keep yourself motivated and feel overwhelmed – we have all been there.

Sometimes we think we need to do big things in order to get motivated and create momentum but it’s actually the small things that we do consistently. Start by implementing those three changes in your daily life and see what impact it has on you.

Social Media Usage

One of the biggest traps you can fall into is consuming too much social media instead of creating it – especially first thing in the morning. Does this sound familiar? You go on Instagram just to upload a story and 45minutes later you know what your co-worker was having for breakfast or worse you saw some famous influencers and now you feel like your life is not fun compared to theirs.

Now you are in comparison mode and nothing good ever came from this place. Don’t beat yourself up when you realize that you did compare yourself. Just notice it, let it go and focus on what you’ve already achieved! 

The best way to keep control of your social media usage is to have a timer set! You can set a reminder directly on Instagram (got to your settings) that sends you a notification when you’ve spent a certain amount of time.

You can also block out specific times during the day in your calendar when you go on social media to post the content you’ve created.

If you would like a bit more extra support check out Detoxify.App. This tool replaces the apps you would like to take a break from and every time you click on it a pop-up reminds you that you’re taking a break from the app.


Even though we are able to multitask, the outcome is never as good. It means our focus is scattered across many different things and most of the time you end up finishing nothing. This will make you feel demotivated and create a lower vibration. 

In order to stay focused, create time blocks for each task. For example from 9 am until 10 am you are working one specific task. During that time turn off your email notifications and put your phone on silent or in another room. Write down in your planner or Google calendar when you are going to do what task.

Answering emails or Instagram DM’s (not watching stories) also goes into your Google calendar. Not every email or DM needs to be answered within two minutes. Create specific time blocks for this!


Sometimes we are so busy achieving our big vision or our goals that we forget what we already did achieve during the process or forget what great things we already have in our life. 

Before working on your tasks sit down and write down three things that you are grateful for. Do this every single day. This doesn’t take long but has a massive impact on your energy. 

You will start your day with an elevated emotion. Rather than watching someone else’s life on stories, start with your own life.

Think about what great things you have in your life and then go work on your tasks with this elevated emotion.

In addition to that, have a page in your journal where you list all your small and big wins.

Keep adding to that success list and go back to it whenever you feel a bit lower in energy or you’ve fallen into comparison mode.