Many people deal with anxiety and social anxiety. Social anxiety can occur when you are doing certain activities in a social setting. Those sorts of activities can trigger your anxiety, hence the name social anxiety, because of the social setting. You may feel like you are being watched or judged out in public and your anxiety starts to act up. There are many ways to cope with social anxiety and even some ways on how to completely stop it in certain situations. Here is how Bogdan Rosu, the world’s best confidence coach overcame his social anxiety.

How do you get social anxiety

Social anxiety can affect anyone at any moment and there is no real cause besides your environment. An example is Rosu, he always felt insecure and different from others, ever since he was a kid. Growing up in a small town in Romania, his parents didn’t really know how to give him the confidence and affection he needed as a kid to grow up confident. He would always try way too hard to be liked at school which led to nobody liking him. That is around the time his social anxiety started.

He started to obsess over finding out the best way to get other people to like him. He realized that the less he tried to make people like him and the more he focused on being himself and not caring about others, people started liking him. Very soon Rosu started making new friends with this new method. He had finally conquered his fear of social anxiety.

Does social anxiety come back?

The short answer is yes, it does come back every now and then because it depends on certain situations, activities, and social settings. Once Rosu had thought he left social anxiety in the past for good it all came back once he left for college. The new environment was too much for him and he started to get social anxiety once again. He would always overthink things like “What if no one likes me?” or “Why is everyone always staring at me?” and it would lead him down a rabbit hole of anxiety.

During that dark time, he stumbled upon Personal Development. He would read books and watch videos on Personal Development. Rosu had been taking Martial Arts for several years and he realized that most of the principles that are in Martial Arts are also in Personal Development. So, in 2013 he created the first Martial Arts and Personal Development Program and it was a huge success. Rosu has been able to help thousands of people overcome social anxiety while learning how to defend themselves. 

Here are a few tips on how to cope with social anxiety:

  1. Improve your health– If you are struggling with poor health make sure you do what you can to improve it. Many reasons people have social anxiety is because they are uncomfortable with their bodies. Make sure your health isn’t a factor.
  2. Make goals and reward yourself– A good way to help reduce social anxiety is to make yourself goals that you can reach. Once you achieve your goals reward yourself. In doing this, it will make you more confident and feel better about yourself so you will be ready to go out and make friends.
  3. It is okay to let others know you are nervous– It is perfectly fine to let people know that you are nervous because everyone gets nervous, it’s normal. It doesn’t matter if you’re on stage speaking or if you’re just trying to make new friends. Letting others know you’re nervous takes a huge weight off your chest and it lets others know to support you because you are feeling nervous. 

Social anxiety can affect anyone and it usually affects everyone at least once in their life. It is okay to get help from doctors, helplines, and even from confidence coaches like Bogdan Rosu. You are not alone so don’t go through it alone. Social anxiety can’t hold you back forever.