In college, I was a Psychology major. I took several classes on Stress Management. In those classes, I learned how to overcome my stress. Everyone is stressed out. Here are some tips that worked well for me to overcome my stress. One tip is whenever you get stressed out it’s good to take deep breathes. Taking deep breathes calm you down. Another tip is to do some yoga or exercise. When you do yoga or exercising you not only sweat but you feel less stressed out. It’s good for your mind and body to take a breather and relax. When you exercise or yoga you feel relaxed because our muscles are relaxed. I know when I workout at a gym, I feel relaxed afterwards. The next tip to overcome stress is to drink some sips of alcohol. I would say drink a few sips on the weekend because if your having a bad week, then you deserve to drink on the weekend to reward yourself and to be less stressed out. Alcohol makes you feel relaxed and calm. Another tip is to put lavender oil in your diffuser if you have one. The lavender oil makes you feel calm and it relaxes you. It also smells amazing. I love putting a few drops of lavender in my diffuser to make me feel relaxed. Another tip is to read before you go to bed. Whenever I read before bed I can sleep better and I feel relaxed. It’s important for your body to get a good sleep. Reading a book in general will make you feel calmer. Another tip is to take a hot shower. I love taking hot showers. They make me feel so refreshed and less stressed out. I love a good hot shower. Another tip is to pet your pet. I have a cat and ever since I adopted her I feel less stressed out. Pets will make you feel less lonely and will make you feel less stressed out. She is the best thing that has ever happened to me. It’s so important to take good care of our bodies and to feel less stressed out. These are the tips that I have learned and I did them everyday. If they can help me, then they can help you.