Imagine waking up to your bank accounts frozen, and having to go $100,000 in debt to cover legal bills because the FTC is suing you for things you were completely ignorant about.

You fear for yourself. You fear for your partner. And you fear for your children.

You don’t know what will happen, but you do know life will never be the same.

How would that change your world?

What would you choose for that to mean for your purpose and identity?

There are moments when you’re challenged beyond what you think you can handle, and you have two choices.

Dig deep. Believe in yourself. And rise above.


Give in. Give up. And hide away.

Which would you choose?

Successful business owners, time and again, choose to rise above the challenges they face.

Even when it’s hard.

Even when it’s humiliating.

Even when it seems impossible…

They find a way.

When Frank Kern found himself in this position as a moderately known entrepreneur without a long career to back him up, he had to make this choice.

Little did he know at the time, it would shape the very essence of his business and the person he would become.

Frank refused to go down as the guy who lost it all, and is now known as one of the most influential advertising tycoons of the online business space.

His genius, his authenticity, and his integrity are bar none.

But it took a controversial and uncomfortable path (to say the least) to get there.

Looking back, Frank genuinely describes the FTC situation as the greatest experience of his life, and while he would not like to repeat it, it was filled with lessons that shaped the way he did business and how he showed up in the world—which is indicative of a great leader.

Here are 3 success secrets as embodied by Frank Kern that any business owner can take and implement immediately to build a more successful future.

See the larger purpose in the experience

When chatting with Frank, he proudly declared, “I’m driven by wanting to be David Ogilvy when I grow up. So I keep thinking, all right, when I’m old I will have accomplished for the digital space, what he accomplished for print. He really classed Advertising up…”

Through his challenges, he was able to see what was needed in his industry—a way of advertising that was aligned with integrity and true service to the audience and clients.

When challenges come up for you in your business, ask yourself, “How can this experience transform me into a stronger leader for my people, so I can serve better?”

Eat your slice of humble pie

In some of the toughest moments of his life, Frank dug into his craft and learned from the best.

He got clear on the type of person and business owner he wanted to be, studied the greats, implemented their wisdom, and devised his own approaches.

Frank taught his ego to take a backseat to his commitment to making a difference.

When faced with any situation or challenge in business, ask yourself, “How can I approach this situation with understanding, considerateness, and respect for everyone involved, including myself?”

Define what experiences mean for you instead of being defined by experiences

Frank could’ve easily decided that he was a terrible person and undeserving of the good things in life when his world came crashing down. But that wouldn’t have served him or the world.

The world is best served when leaders commit to bettering themselves and show up stronger to make a bigger difference.

They learn how to become stronger from every experience, and channel those lessons into a powerful value system that directs the course of their business.

Remember to ask yourself often, “How can I grow, learn, and become better from this experience?”

Success is not dictated by following a clear plan and reaching the goal.

Success is found along the journey in how people meet the challenges and detours, to find themselves in a better place than they ever could’ve imagined.

Like Frank:

Never give up.

Make a conscious choice for what challenges will mean for you.

And move forward trusting that you can create a better future.

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