By Ashley Stahl, Originally Published in Forbes

When it comes time to re-write your story, it can be hard to look at a blank page and not be intimidated. Overcoming the fear of failure holds many of us back, in fact, one study even indicates that it is the top factor holding female entrepreneurs back from taking the plunge.

We will face many obstacles at various times throughout our lives and careers. As with any challenge, it is helpful to know what to expect so you are more equipped to handle what is thrown your way.

Here are some common reasons why entrepreneurs burn out, and how you can succeed in the long run.

  • Overextending. A person’s first company becomes their baby. Just like a child, however, once your company starts to take off and move in ways you both can’t control or even understand, it is important to remember to rely on others so your business can continue to grow in a manageable way.
  • Create your dream team, but also fill your bench. We all want to have the best-of-the-best out there on the front lines. Finding good employees is the key to any budding business’s success, but as companies shift and change, so do people’s goals and ambitions. Take the time to build yourself a solid team, but also have someone in mind in case you ever get blindsided by a two-week notice, or worse, a no-show.
  • Find a mentor. While it’s good to follow your vision and take pride in the successes of your creation, it is also important to stay humble while on a winding journey full of endless opportunities for growth. Watch TEDTalks, listen to podcasts, and seek advice from other professionals in your arena. There will always be unanswerable questions and difficult situations to get through, so it’s important to have someone to lean on when the going gets tough.

An entrepreneur’s journey can be lonely, difficult, and stressful. Just know that you’re not alone on your journey. Out of nearly 28 million small businesses in America – 22 million are owned and operated by one person. Make sure your vision is strong, your team is ready, and you’re prepared for anything, and you’ll be ready for your journey from struggle to success.

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