Uncertainty comes with life. There is no escaping it. 

The reason being is that every level of expansion, growth, success requires a new level of us. This comes with uncertainty since we’ve never experienced that part of us before and we don’t know what to expect from it. 

All we’re left with is trust, uncertainty and well, all of the years of experience that we’ve been through leaving us with wisdom and unforgettable lessons. (no big deal *total sarcasm*)

Despite all the wisdom within us, we mostly find ourselves shying away from opportunities that come with uncertainty and cutting ourselves off from experiencing this incredible expansive life.

Image by Peter Secan via Unsplash

We wonder if…

>> We’re smart enough to go after the promotion

>> We’re resilient enough to start that business

>> We’re capable to be parents & take care of a precious life

>> We’re worthy to hire a coach to help us discover our potential

>> We’re strong enough to move to another city & start all over?

>> We’re responsible enough to buy a new house

>> We’re lovable enough to be in a relationship

All these questions are constantly lingering in the back of our heads with the vigilance of a watch-dog & the strength of a pitbull, never easing up.


It’s exhausting, debilitating and a bunch of lies that keep us in the illusion of safety with a never-ending undercurrent of self-doubt. 

I say, ENOUGH. 

There are too many things more important than the ego, the fear, the self-doubt.

This is an era of awakening, owning, honoring and fully stepping into our highest self. 

Today, I want to share a life-changing perspective to help you overcome the doubts so you can fully step into all of you: 

 You can live in doubt or you can live in curiosity 

You are giving your fears, your doubts, your worries the main stage in your mind. Or you live in the question, in the curiosity, in the wonder and giving your desires the main stage. It’s your choice. 

So for example, if you’re thinking about starting your business. You could…

>> Be in the fearful place: Who am I to be starting a business? What if I fail? What if people don’t take me seriously? etc. 


>> Be in the place of wonder: I wonder how this will turn out? I wonder how I’ll figure it out? I wonder what kind of amazing people I attract through this idea? 

Wow. What a shift. 

By living in the question, in the energy of curiosity, there isn’t the pressure to succeed or fail. There is actually no pressure at all, instead there is a life-force energy and vitality that surges through your every action. 

There is the energy of flow,

the energy of excitement,

the energy of enchantment,

the energy of trust.

The energy that creates worlds.

The energy of the Universe.

The energy of Divinity.

The energy of you!

As you begin this new journey of whatever it is that you’re embarking on, let’s no longer call it uncertain. Because, we know better now, it’s actually a new journey of wonder, curiosity, where we allow the magical energy of the Universe to guide us to the best outcome for us. 

After all, there is always great wisdom in what’s unfolding. 

Until next time, my sweet, magical, powerful creator, may you follow your joy – always & in all ways.