Finding your signature decorating style isn’t always easy. You spend hours browsing throughout Pinterest for inspo but you just can’t seem to really pinpoint your true, inner decor style. Everyone has their own taste when it comes to furniture, paint colors, rugs, curtains, and so on. Knowing your signature decorating style will give you clear direction and an action plan so you feel confident and no longer stressed when choosing new furniture.

1. Let’s start off by taking a quiz!

A quiz? May seem silly but it can definitely help in some sort of way.

How is it that you want your home to feel? Minimal/simple set up? Fun and colorful? Let’s take a little ‘mad-libs’ quiz to find out more about your style!

When I walk into my home at the end of the day, I want to feel ________________ (Ex. I want to feel sophisticated/calm/relaxed when I walk into my home.)

My ideal weekend at home would look like ________________.

I want my home to feel ____________ and combine styles that look _______________. (I want my home to feel clean/cozy/bright and combine styles that look beach-y/put-together/laid-back.)

2. Home decor magazines

Pick up a few magazines next time you stop by a shopping center. Browse through them and pick out any styles you like or dis-like. Determine the reasons why you dislike a specific decor set-up. (certain paint colors? Not a fan of the rugs? Don’t like the style of couches?) These are important details to take notice of to ensure you don’t make the same mistake when setting up your own furniture!

Now we’re going to look at a list of a few popular interior types. With each section, I’ll share multiple furniture selections that go with each style. These will help you out so that you can purchase directly from the style you like and you won’t have to spend hours searching for them yourself on Amazon! (The following will contain affiliate links).

Nautical (coastal or cottage decor)

This style is relaxing, warm, and positive. Maybe you love visiting the beach? Or maybe you live near a beach and want your home to match up with your location? Then this is the perfect style for you! Nautical interior design is mostly based on sand colored and white foundation, with blue as the primary accent color.

Material-wise, this decor style incorporates unfinished wood in its tables or chairs, combined with chic linen upholstery for your lounge seats and sofas. You have many options for decorative accents. A few ideas are jute ropes, seashells in clear jars, sailboats, maps, and much more!

Here’s a few Amazon items that go with this theme:

Mid-Century Modern

If you dream of tapered furniture legs, daring geometrics, low-slung sofas, and sultry tweed and velvet, you’re dreaming of Mid-Century Modern decor. This style is mainly characterized by refined lines, natural shapes, and minimalist silhouettes.

Amazon items within this style category:


Most likely, you’ve heard of Bohemian (also known as Boho). It’s definitely a style that’s been increasing in popularity recently. From outfits to decor, you can find something in bohemian.

The recipe for the perfect boho style is a a dash of gypsy and a pinch of indie, followed by a sprinkling of free-spirited nature. Serve up a stunning bohemian design for your space that inspires you to both create and relax. When it comes to boho decor, you’ll never run out of options. It is personally one of my favorite decor styles due to it’s uniqueness. I love all of the different colors and overall cozy and fun setting.

Boho chic patterns include Mandala, Paisley, and Patchwork.

Multiple products to choose from:

Thank you for reading! Hope this helps you discover your decor style.

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