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Taking a break can refresh your perspective and rejuvenate your energy. Here’s how to set yourself up for a sabbatical that puts you back on track.  

Solidify work arrangements

Unless you have no intention of returning to your workplace, firming up your situation well in advance of taking leave is crucial.  Sta Travel recommends contemplating the benefits you expect will come from your sabbatical, not only to your career, but also to your employer.  Increased productivity, better focus, improved leadership, and a boost in creativity are a few suggestions which might fit.  If you plan to indulge in some educational activities while you’re away, earn a new certificate, or contribute to the company blog, those are things that might interest your employer as well and should be discussed.  

If you will not have a position awaiting your return, take extra precautions regarding your financial and career situation.  Depending on the circumstances, you might need more of a buffer set aside in an emergency fund, and your arrangement could damage your credit if it takes a long time to secure a new position at the end of your leave.  Make it a point to examine things from every angle carefully. This infographic can help you understand the various ways a sabbatical could impact your credit.  

Firm up finances

Most sabbaticals are unpaid, and without proper planning, that time away can be economically damaging.  Prepare your financial situation carefully by establishing a baseline budget, setting aside funds for emergencies, and examining alternative funding options you would find agreeable in a pinch.  

There are ways to supplement your funds as needed.  A couple ideas are grants or scholarship programs if you intend to take classes, or you could pick up a side hustle for added income.  If your money situation looks shaky, some experts suggest meeting with a financial counselor well in advance of your sabbatical.  It’s a chance to ensure you’re in a solid financial position so money worries don’t hold you back from making the most of your time away.

Invest in a reliable ride

One of the key factors in making the most of a sabbatical is sufficient freedom to enjoy your pursuits.  As Mary Ann Higgs explains, distancing yourself from your normal workplace, schedule, and routine can help reframe your perspective, and what better way to do that than with a vehicle fit to explore.  If your journey will take you into the wilderness, choosing something appropriate for rugged terrain, such as a 4WD Jeep, allows you the ultimate opportunity for adventure.  To stretch your budget, purchasing used can be an ideal option. Renting can be too limiting and you might worry about damages, and relying on ridesharing services adds up quickly.  Search for used vehicles meeting your personal criteria by clicking here.   

Establish smart security

The last thing anyone wants is for stress to override their sabbatical.  After all, the purpose is to relax and refresh, not to feel worried about things back home.  With that in mind, take steps to eliminate the various issues that could weigh on you while you’re away.  For instance, one recommendation is to boost security at home, alleviating concerns of break-ins and damage.  Consider some technology to not only keep things more secure, but that also allows you to check on your residence if necessary.  Smart home features such as programmable lights make it appear your home is occupied, and a doorbell camera can alert you to any unusual activity.  A little peace of mind will go a long way while you’re out and about.

With proper planning, taking a sabbatical could be the best thing you ever did for your career.  Secure your finances, employment, and home prior to leaving, and ensure you can make the most of your adventures while you’re away.  Thanks to your thoroughness, you’ll be able to rest easy and will return with a fresh perspective.