In Amplifiersthis past quarter, we have been focused on mastering peak performance states of Flow. A crucial aspect of being able to sustain peak performance is recovery. The biochemical surge we get in peak flow states needs to be processed and replenished if we are to access this state again.

Physical recovery

The fundamentals apply: plenty of sleep, focus on hydration and good nutrition. Do some active recovery like walking, yoga, or other form of gentle exercise.

Emotional recovery

Nurture your social connections! Hanging out with friends and loved ones helps us meet all of our human needs, not just our high performance ones.

Mental recovery

Just sitting and being helps the brain to clean out toxins and allows the subconscious to process the data overload we may have experienced during the earlier flow cycles. Avoid additional inputs and just get present to where you are.

Spiritual recovery

Whatever your beliefs, gratitude is an essential practice. We are not here on the planet for long, we can always be thankful for the whisper of time that has been granted us. Take life seriously, and live it lightly.

My personal hot list for recovery:

  • Reading a novel
  • Baking
  • Running or walking in nature
  • Swimming in the ocean
  • Sitting on my deck, watching the trees and listening to the birds
  • Talking with my family
  • Watching a favourite show with my honey
  • Reflecting on my life and adventures

What strategies could you adopt for better recovery?


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