How do you currently plan your week ahead? If your week’s seem to pass you by, you often wonder why you didn’t find the time to do that thing you love, you struggle to squeeze in some exercise or wonder why you’re relying (yet again) on ’emergency frozen fish’ for dinner, then these weekly set up tips may help.

Having focus and a plan for the week allows you to enjoy spontaneity, helps you prioritise what’s important, learn from life’s lessons and have fun.

Follow this simple, seven step formulae for planning your week. It will be completely bespoke to you and evolve as your life changes.


Choose ONE focus for the week. It can be a word, phrase, goal. One thing that you can carry with you throughout the week or that you can work towards achieving.

E.g. “Curiosity” “Ideas are everywhere” “Finish project X”


Look ahead at the week and map out your meals. Plan the days you need dinner at home, when you’re eating out, whether you’re home late one night so want to have something pre-made or quick to prepare….

Tip: If a ‘naughty’ meal is part of your plan you’re more likely to enjoy it without the feeling of guilt we sometimes add.


When can you do exercise this week? Book in your gym sessions, add that run to your diary, wake up 15 minutes early to walk to the station instead of catching the bus. By planning ahead you reduce decision fatigue and the ‘should I-shouldn’t I’ mental struggle.

Remember: fitness isn’t just about HIIT sessions, it’s about staying active. That can simply mean a walk with a friend after lunch.


Whether you’re an introvert or extrovert, we can all benefit from human interaction. When are you next going to meet your friends, book time in with your family or create connections with like-minded people?

Tip: Trying something new, like starting a business and don’t feel like you have the right people around you? Think about what it is you need and where you might find those people.


Do something each week that excites you, is good fun, sparks joy into your life. This can be a life changing event or a small and simple treat.

PS: This is different to a reward. This is good, wholesome, fun just because you’re alive and deserve it!

F***K IT

As much as we plan, life sometimes happens plus as spontaneous human beings, we sometimes need a ‘get out of jail free card’.  This is to remind you that it’s ok to change your mind. Be aware of when and how often you do it but be kind to yourself and forgiving. When you’re ready, continue…


Everyday is a school day! I encourage you to look back at your week and take at least one lesson and ask yourself how you’ll carry that lesson into your future?

Mantra: “There is no failure only feedback”