Recently I’ve been speaking with a lot of women who have outgrown their careers or clients and want to explore what that next level will be. For some of us, the hardest part might be recognizing that we have outgrown our current career in the first place.

It manifests differently in each of us. Me, I’m itchy and bitchy– ready to move. I’m Impatient with myself and pretty much everyone else as well. Some are angry that their time is being wasted. Others are bored and restless, but not sure why. Others know something is missing from what they can provide to those they serve.

What creates these different feelings is the same: you’ve changed. You are ready for more, even if you don’t quite recognize it.

When we face the same thing each day — it takes a bit out of us — it makes us smaller. We loose the creativity muscle that’s used when we are excited about new challenges, people or projects.

Yesterday I attended a ladies’ luncheon of women entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs. It was friendly, welcoming, and even included a gardening activity where we each were able to leave with our own selection of herbs planted in a 6-inch container.

Before the gardening activity began, a woman spoke about the importance of taking time to grow relationships and used the plants as an analogy. Indicating that they require tending and care to grow. A light bulb went off.

It was absolutely true, and it turned out that gardening was a perfect analogy for women outgrowing their jobs.

As I examined my plants, I kept thinking of the women who I’ve been talking with. I selected a parsley plant from its small starter container, and noticed I was having a really hard time removing it. It had very long roots which were spreading out and tangling with those of other plants. It had clearly outgrown this tiny container, but because it was in there for too long, it had become entrenched and very difficult to remove.

My basil plant however was just right. It was ready to go, not stuck in that small container at all. It was so ready to become a much bigger, thriving plant in a new environment. There couldn’t have been a bigger contrast. The roots seemed to tell a far more interesting story as to the future of the plant if the container isn’t changed.

I think nature shows us so much about our lives. Lessons that we can learn so easily if we take some time to observe, listen and deeply experience it.

This summer I am working with special women who may be tangled in a small pot or are just ready to go to a bigger environment. Women who have outgrown where they are. We will do that thinking, observing, and creating outside in nature at a CT beach that has plenty of sun, shade and beautiful growing things that will inspire their plans.

I hope you will grow your career or business and join me. Here’s how to find out more.


Lisa Guida writes about leadership, women working in traditionally male dominated industries, and how nature can lead us to a calmer, creative life.

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