In the gardening world we have a fairly good idea of how things work.

If a new seed is to survive and grow, we can generally make it happen by cultivating (manipulating) the environment. We know this because we set up circumstances that ensures a survival outcome.

Planting seeds for survival in the gardening world is a form of Intention; we intend for things to grow and we set up the conditions before hand to ensure our labour has a fruitful outcome.

Sometimes in life, it can seem our choices aren’t as easy as planting a seed. But as human beings, we also have an uncanny way to complicate the uncomplicated.

I’ve almost made it my life mission to uncover if premeditated thoughts in isolation can lead to a favourable outcome. I’ve found some startling revelations in the past few years from people who seem to have just ‘gotten lucky’.

Luck, as we know it in almost all cases had no hand in success.

What I’ve discovered is that certain individuals have impressed their cells and consequent subconscious thoughts with a desired outcome to achieve result. They’ve looked at the conditions they want to experience and planted appropriate seeds (thoughts) to bring about favourable circumstances – this is done without doubt of its growth. While the rest of their friends plant any seed that comes across their path, these people are specific green-thumbs and have a definitive knowingness of a successful outcome.

The one constant trait I have found is in using imagination for the ‘toying’ with the idea to manifest. They think from the desired result, not just of it. They focus their subconscious thoughts through mediation and feel what it would be like if their wish had been realised today. Research has shown the subconscious mind cannot make the distinction between a real thought and an imagined thought felt vividly. Once the subconscious is impressed with an idea, It will proceed to show you examples of its truth.

Wild? Absolutely.

To provide further evidence of this phenomenon ( The Law of Attraction – my fave subject) just take a look at your life today. Every experience you’ve ever had was believed as rock solid by the subconscious mind. Think about it – life shows you examples of your deepest held beliefs and when the evidence appears, you’ll categorise it as true. When the mind can take the mental leap to understanding a certain outcome is ‘possible’, and continues to believe in it wholeheartedly, it shows you the tangible example of what you now believe to be true.

History is littered with people who have used belief to bring about favourable circumstances and not just from a financial standpoint. Winston Churchill is the first to come to mind with true belief, that despite overwhelming bombardment, it’s possible we still can Win. Churchill could see and sense victory.

So if we take the above as true, one must ask if we’re planting seeds by Intention or by default. If we just look at our lives, we usually have the answer. And likewise, If we look at someone who seems to have gotten ‘lucky’, chances are they could be specifically cultivating their inner environment diligently so the correct seeds can grow and thrive.

So what’s the take home message?  You must feel the feeling (the essence) of that which you want to make real (without posiouous doubt). Do this consistently enough with certainty, and it will form an impression on your subconscious mind. Once there, its a done deal.

Remember; if you believe (or someone tells you) its going to be hard, it will be. If you think that good things flow to you effortlessly and easily, they will also. So both points manifest into reality. Remember there are 7 Billion versions of reality all playing out at once, not just one. And life, like fertile soil will grow whatever you plant. Poison Ivy or Corn? Your choice.

Planting your thoughts specifically means you will ultimately direct what your future garden will look like. And when you realise this to be true, you start to become acutely specific about what seeds you want to plant.