Your wedding day will come and go in the blink of an eye, but practicing mindfulness can help you soak in the day and relive the memories once it is over. While the day also gets a bad reputation for being full of stress and anxiety, remember that it doesn’t have to be. Practicing mindfulness can calm your nerves and remind you to focus on what really matters: the present moment of marrying the love of your life. 

Mindfulness is the act of living in, and being completely aware of, the present moment. Thoughts of both the past and future fade away as you focus on living in the here and now. Embracing mindfulness during your wedding planning and on your wedding day will help you appreciate the gift of marriage and be grateful for your blessings. 

Here are some tips to practice mindfulness on your wedding day: 


Begin your day with a light meditation to clear your thoughts. Whether you practice deep breathing, stretching, or go through a yoga flow, taking this time to focus on your mind and body’s energy will set intention for your day ahead.

Eat a Healthy Breakfast

Sometimes nerves can make you forget to eat, but in order for you to have a healthy, happy mind throughout the day, your body needs energy. Enjoy a light and healthy breakfast to give yourself a clear mind and a body full of energetic joy. 

Delegate Tasks 

Your to-do list on your wedding day should be short and sweet: get ready, get married, and celebrate with loved ones. All other day-of wedding tasks should be delegated to someone else, whether it be a wedding planner, helpful family member, or a member of the wedding party. You have spent months planning, but now it’s time to let go and simply enjoy the day. If something hasn’t gotten done by now, it may not be a part of your wedding – and that’s okay. 

Practice Gratitude

Family and friends have traveled near and far to celebrate with you, so make sure to take time on your wedding day to say thank you. You’ll also want to express gratitude towards your vendors, venue, and wedding planner who helped make the day come together. 

In addition to saying thank you out loud, remember to practice inner gratitude. Remind yourself why it’s so special that all of these people have come together to help you celebrate. 

Remember Impact 

Your wedding is a huge celebration, but it also can come with its fair share of waste. In fact, the average wedding produces more than 400 pounds of garbage. Work with your vendors ahead of time to reduce this impact through sustainable menu options and green waste removal practices. You can also reduce waste by creating an online wedding website and registry that eliminates the need for excess printing and paper. By being mindful of the earth and your day’s impact on it, you can eliminate guilt and focus on joy. 

Write Memories Down

After the wedding send-off, once you and your new spouse have retired to your hotel or suite, take time to jot some of your favorite memories from the wedding down. Ask your spouse for some of their favorite memories to include as well. This will help keep the memories fresh so you can relive them over and over again. 

Once you start practicing mindfulness, you’ll watch your life transform before your eyes. Embracing this present moment, and exercising gratitude towards it, is especially important on your wedding day. 

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