God, thanks for empowering me with talents I can use for meaningful work. Help me find good jobs (both paid and volunteer) during different seasons of my life. During my job search process, help me overcome worry and remember that you will meet my needs every day as long as I keep praying and trusting him to do so. Help me get the training I need to be prepared for the jobs you plan to bring my way. Guide me to the right job opportunities to apply for, and empower me to do well on my job interviews.

Inspire me to honor you while carrying out my job responsibilities by doing excellent work with integrity and enthusiasm. Help me complete my work tasks well and on time. Give me the wisdom I need to discern which projects to take on and which to let go, so I can optimize my schedule and energy to accomplish what’s truly important on the job. Help me concentrate well on my work so I won’t be unnecessarily distracted. Empower me to set and meet the right goals at work.

Give me fresh creative ideas I can use to produce innovative work and solve problems on the job. I’ll be paying attention to how you may deliver those ideas to me in my thoughts or through some other means, such as in a dream. Help me to avoid apathy and stagnation at work, but to consistently give my best effort on the job, always seeing how I can add value and use the creative mind you have given me.

Help me find peace in the midst of stressful situations at work. Guide me to figure out the best ways to resolve conflicts effectively so my coworkers and I can successfully work as a team to accomplish our organization’s goals together. Empower me to develop and maintain good working relationships with my co-workers, managers and supervisors, clients and customers, vendors, and other people with whom I communicate as I do my job. Give me guidance on how to develop a successful work/life balance as well, so the demands of my job won’t harm my health or my relationships with family and friends. Teach me how to save time and energy for other important pursuits outside my paid job and volunteer work, such as playing with my children and enjoying activities that relax me (such as hiking in nature and listening to music).

Remind me often that, even though my work is important, my identity goes far beyond my work. Thanks you for loving me for who I am rather than for what I do. Keep me focused on eternal values while I’m working. Teach me that my work matters, but no matter what results from my work, I have great value just in my identity as one of your beloved children.

Please empower me to fulfill my purpose at work and contribute to the world well. Amen.