While everyone is going gaga what to eat on their next visit to a restaurant or their favorite fast-food meal, I would like to take you to my dream power-meal or just my power breakfast. 

They say breakfast is the very important meal of all. It is very necessary because our body rested in few hours or so and it needs to recharge after that long sleep. Breakfast is like a fuel and an energy source in order to win your day. To add, if you start your day right, and also eaten right. You just won your day.

Most of us, prefers breakfast with fried rice, its best with any meal with fried egg. I must say its the best to choose if you are going to a gym or a tremendous activity that requires a lot of energy. While many of us prefers bread like me, that is a usual kind of meal at the start of the day, it is usually partnered up with a hot chocolate or a coffee to kick start your day. 

So what would be a power-breakfast? It is a meal with yogurt, cereals, with fruits and nuts on top of it. Not only, it is good for digestion, it is also very light, not that hard to prepare. You’ll just mix it all up and you’ve already got the required energy needed during the day, no matter how easy or hard it may be.