If we’re asked one question frequently at Thrive Global, it’s how to prepare and deliver a memorable TED-style talk or presentation.

We caught up with sports marketing expert and host Jonno Turner following his presentation at SPORTO – a leading European sport industry conference – to find out his top tips for preparing a talk that gets noticed.

Having delivered keynote speeches at conferences around the world, Turner – who was named as one of UK sport’s ‘30 under 30’ in 2019 – has sharpened his speaking skills, but admits that he learns more every time he takes to the stage.

“I don’t know if you ever stop feeling nervous when it comes to public speaking,” he explains. “You can always learn and improve – and every time you get up in front of a new crowd, you have to win them over once again. That’s the challenge.”

Below, Turner gives us six tips for public speaking success.

You can listen to Jonno Turner’s SPORTO presentation as part of the #SPORTOatHome series – click here: https://sporto.si/en/sporto-at-home/

• Be clear on your narrative

“You’re often speaking against the clock – the average TED talk is around 20 minutes, and at most conferences you’re given a maximum of half an hour, so it’s super important to focus on exactly what you’re trying to say, and make sure it’s a coherent storyline.”

Make it engaging and compelling

“Once you’ve figured out your narrative, you need to give the audience a reason to care about your topic. I like to think in headlines… you know, how would Buzzfeed or other viral websites package your presentation for maximum impact? This process helps you to focus on your core message.”

• Make it relatable to the audience

“Sometimes you’ll be presenting to an industry audience that knows your subject inside out, other times it may be a completely new audience. Make sure to build your idea around familiar concepts that your audience can relate to, and keep coming back to comparisons.”
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Ensure your opening is on point

“You only have a few seconds to earn the trust and interest of your audience – so make it count. Having a well-rehearsed and attention-grabbing opening will also ease your nerves, as you watch the audience warm up to your talk. As humans, we’re hard-wired for storytelling, and so beginning your talk with a compelling opening will break the ice.”

• Work on your non-verbal communication skills

“Non verbal communication matters… a lot. I read a study that said that audiences often decide whether they like a speaker based more on body language than on the actual words. If I remember correctly, the more hand gestures the better, and smiling makes you look smarter!”

Practice makes perfect

“It’s a cliché… but there really is no substitute for practice. If you know your subject and narrative inside out, you’ll probably sleep and eat better in the run up to the event, you will feel miles better on the day – and when the time comes, the confidence will pour out of you.”

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