Job interviews are amongst the most nerve-wracking experiences people go through. Here are some tactics and strategies you can employ to make a great impression on a company. While you can’t win them all, you can greatly increase the chances of you winning a new job. Just go on enough and you’ll be fine.

Start with analyzing the job you are trying to get. You at least have a job description of the ideal candidate. Analyze it and write down what they are seeking in a candidate. Are they looking for an imaginative thinker? Or someone detail-oriented? Make a list of skills and qualities that they are looking for.

Next, make a list of your qualities that match what they are looking for. Let’s say they’re looking for someone who can handle a high-pressure deadline-oriented environment. Comb back through your previous experiences and be ready to talk about similar situations. Preparing anecdotes for an interviewer can be a great strategy. Everyone can talk a big game but not everyone has the experience to back it up. Your goal should be to convince the interviewer that you’re an excellent fit for the job.

Next, you can research the company. Check Google for recent news on the company. Check the “About Us” page on the website and learn about their history. You can also look at company reviews from former employees on sites like Indeed and Glassdoor. Try using your network as well. Some knowledge about the company shows that you are interested in the company and makes you look good.

You can try practicing interviewing with a friend. If it’s a phone interview, you can simulate it by having a friend call you.

If it’s a virtual interview, make sure you’re comfortable with all the technology. Check if your speakers, microphone, and camera are working. If your laptop isn’t working, you might be able to use your phone.

For an in-person interview, you should bring several things. In a portfolio, bring extra copies of your resume. Have a list of references handy. It might be smart to bring a list of questions. Having a pad of paper to take notes on would be smart to bring.

Interviews can be scary. But if you’re properly prepared, it will be smooth sailing.