It is so important to have a work life balance today. There are so many things that cause stress in the work environment from:

  • Customer complaints
  • Client expectations
  • Staff conflicts
  • Workload management
Stressed employee

Take a day off if you have the flu

It is best for employees to take the day off should they have a cold, flu or feeling under the weather. This promotes better health among other staff members.

Flu’s and colds can be highly draining for employees. If an employee goes to work while under the weather, they will not be able to produce their best work as a result of tiredness.

Overall, to help productivity, it may very well be better to have and employee take a day off to get back to full productivity after a days rest.

Promote healthy eating and supplements

It is important to promote healthy eating in the office. Supplements like vitamins can be encouraged to strengthen immune systems of employees.

It is also worth employing a free fruit policy and free water from water dispensers for your team. This encourages the fact that the team will eat and drink healthier food options. This is a small investment in your staff.

There are some offices that have a no sugar policy, meaning employees are only allowed to eat healthy foods rather than snacking on junk food.

Do not let stress build up

Encourage your employees to talk about issues that they have regarding work. If your employees are stressed it affects:

  • Productivity
  • Performance
  • Relationships
  • Metal health
  • Physical health

It is very important to have a process in place in your office to deal with stress. That includes a place to discuss in confidence, issues that employees are having. This may require outsourcing a qualified counsellor or having an employee in house trained to have regular meetings on mental well being.

Encourage employees to go to calming spaces

Calming spaces such as landscapes with concrete furniture such as benches are great for stressed employees. Being able to leave the office environment and to step outside in the fresh air is a great way for employees to calm stress levels.

Employee health is so important for productivity. By taking small steps to ensure a healthy environment in your workplace is a win-win for employer and employee.