How To Protect Your Children And Teens From The Stress of Cyberbullying

Now and then we get to hear either from the news or from Facebook stories about devastating cyberbullying incidents. It breaks our hearts to hear small kids suffering from cyberbullying and taking terrible steps because they are not able to cope up with cyberbullying. Cyberbullying exists, and it is a serious issue. Enough letting our kids suffer on the internet, now it is the time to say no to cyberbullying.

If the internet is a blessing, then it is a curse as well. Internet is loaded with many informative websites, which are not only useful for parents but kids as well. If considered positive, the internet can turn out to be a boon, but there is a dark side to the internet as well, and this is what we need to be careful about. 

Do you know that around 59% of kids go through some sort of cyberbullying? And out of that 59 % , only 10% of the kids come to their parents asking for help? 

Cyberbullying can make your child feel stressed and depressed, and it can also make them feel vulnerable. Cyberbullying world is harsh and uncouth. The people behind their screen bullying someone are not bothered about other person’s emotions. What they are bothered about is the satisfaction they get after bullying someone, and this is what makes everything even worst. 

One form of cyberbullying is harassment, where the victim receives offensive content continuously. It is also known as cyberstalking. Your child will receive rude messages and sometimes threatening messages as well.  

Then comes flaming. Flaming is more about online arguments and lots of fighting. This type of cyberbullying keeps your child angry all the time.

Many cyberbullies also call out on one particular person, and they exclude them completely. During exclusion, your kid could be singled out and left out of online sites and chats. Often groups that exclude such a person make rude and harsh comments

The next most dangerous cyberbullying type is an outing. This is when the cyberbully starts sharing intimate or personal details about one person with everyone, which can include lots of private videos and images. 

It is difficult to understand why other kids will target someone and bully them to a point where they are heartbroken, and some even commit suicide. But, realizing that cyberbullying exists and it is difficult for us to stop them, what we can do to say no to Cyberbullying, and get a robust parental control app, which will help you keep your kids away from threats and cyberbullying. 

You can protect your child from cyberbullying through apps like Femisafe. 

Almost every kid uses a cell phone, and you never know what they might be doing using their cell phones. Now, since they have mobile phones, they will surely have access to the internet as well. These kids use their smartphones not just to call their friends and share notes, but they are using it for different social media platforms as well. 

Here’s what you can do using Famisafe 

App block 

Famisafe comes with many features, out of them, one is app block. After gaining access to your child’s mobile phone, you can now monitor what your kids do with their mobile phone. You can block all those apps, which you feel could be a threat to your child’s mental health and keep them away from them. 

Screen time control 

Children go online mostly at night, especially during bedtime. Mainly because this is the time when their parents are asleep, and they are free to do anything. After dinner rather than getting engrossed in their mobile phone, why not put control over their mobile phone usage. Let them sleep at night and use the screen time control feature and lock their smartphone. 

Get notified about explicit content 

You can’t be with your child all the time. However, Femisafe can alert you about explicit content that your child receives or sends. No matter what type of app your child must be using, probably it is WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook Messenger, YouTube, or any other media platform, Famisafe will alert you the moment it identifies explicit contents. 

Femisafe has and will continue to protect millions of families. Don’t let your child be a victim of cyberbullying. Let them live a normal life. Download Femisafe, your parental control partner for life.