When someone is a snob, they work hard to make the people around them feel inferior, or less than them.
Given how common it is today to encounter people who are snobbish, there is still no psychological definition. Snobbism is the entitled narcissism in which people think they’re better than everyone else.
It’s important to understand that snobs feed their desire to feel superior by engaging with an admiring audience, else they wouldn’t bother spending their time on you.

Have sympathy for snobs.
Snobs harbor feelings of insecurity and if you can understand that, you can accept their behavior with a huge grain of salt. The funny part is that snobs are often those who gained their wealth via inheritance or marriage. And those individuals don’t know what real hard work and pure success really mean.
Avoid overreacting
For snobbery to work, you, as an opponent, have to agree that you are inferior. Just don’t respond to a snob’s attempts to impress you. Learn to blind to status comments, it will make the snob unable to feed with pleasure. Instead of reacting, smile and engage with them like you don’t think they are snobbish at all. This will at least make your time with them easier to handle.

Change your behavior
 If you are one of those who think you need to make sacrifices in order to keep up, you’ll only put yourself deeper into emotional and financial debt. And if you think you have something to show off, you are mistaken. Your behavior is only showing off how desperate you are to catch up and that is accepting inferiority, which is a boost for the snob.

Take a break.

Ask yourself a question, do you really need to be around that person? If you have to be on a daily basis, take breaks, as many as you need. Excuse yourself politely, there are plenty of reasons to do so. Distance yourself from snobs and doormat friends they are surrounded by.

Always remember!
The reasons why snob might look down on you for are things that make you special and unique. Snob’s nose raises when they notice that there is something interesting and different about you. Remember that there are personal values and worth outside of personal belongings or social status.