Since COVID-19 has been with us, the normal routines of work, home, and family life have flown right out the window. 

The world we’re living in isn’t quite like it was. Sometimes heavy thoughts weigh you down, sometimes they don’t.

Most days you wonder what life will be like on the other side.

I had great intentions of getting things done and using the time wisely. 

Yes! I was going to be soooo efficient and productive.

Goals for lock-down:

· To come out rockin’ those skinny jeans I’ve never gotten rid of because ‘one day they’ll fit again’

· To have a sparkling clean and super organised house 

· Garden ready to don the cover of Australian House and Garden magazine

· To spend time outside with our cows and donkeys while clearing the paddocks of weeds, sticks, branches, etc (neighbours be jealous)

· I would have so many great tips and tricks about life in lock-down and my newly zen lifestyle – and would share these with the world through my writing

· Teens home online learning – easy! Mumma’s got this!

· Work from home – easy!

· Meal prep –  cook up a storm every Sunday – healthy meals ready for the week

· Surely the travel insurance company will give us the money back for our fully paid cancelled holiday – we’ll be fine

The reality of lock-down:

· No physical exercise has actually happened

· Serious addiction to sugar, salt, and fat is definitely a thing

· ALL of the clothes in the wardrobe have mysteriously been stolen and replaced with an identical set 2 sizes smaller

· Did someone sneak into my house overnight (numerous times) and have a post-apocalyptic rave party then leave without cleaning up?

· Australian House and Garden magazine possibly won’t be a feature we’ll pursue this year…

· Alarm goes off to get up early and write – Nicky smashes the snooze button 17 times until she’s running ridiculously late to get to work at her kitchen table

· Zoom sessions happening simultaneously in 3 areas of the house – “turn up your volume”, “I can’t hear you!”, “stop yelling!”, “mute yourself”, “plug your headphones in!” “you’ve frozen!”

· “Muuum I hate algebra – how do you do this calculation?” (me – wtf? Please Siri for the love of god help me!) 

· Anyone, and I mean ANYONE who can teach a class full of teens and remain sane – I raise my glass of gin and tonic in your honour  

· Meal prep = ensuring your gin cupboard is always restocked, you have lemons and many bottles of tonic water 

· Travel insurance company – “Unfortunately we can’t cover you for pandemics – kiss your money goodbye – K thx bye” 

I may have overestimated the joy lock-down would bring me.

woman in beanie wearing a mask

But it hasn’t all been bad 

I’ve loved not having to run off here, there and everywhere to sports and meetings and social functions. I’m a homebody and a bit (lot) of an introvert – so time at home makes me happy.

Solace has been sought in apocalypse staples – chocolate and chips and my new culinary delight – ice cream covered in honey nut corn flakes 

Six entire seasons of Grace and Frankie and the whole second season of Dead to Me – devoured on Netflix

There will always be gin

The world is the same. But it’s different.

People are the same. But they’re different.

Relationships are the same. But they’re different.

We’re like a million butterflies emerging from cocoons – fluttering our wings into a whole new world – nervous, excited, ready to explore – but at the same time tentatively unsure how far to go because there’s still danger.

My best advice to pull yourself out an apocalyptic funk where you didn’t actually achieve any of the goals you set out to:

You’re alive – celebrate that

Find things that make you laugh – even if it’s laughing at yourself sometimes

Wash your hands 

Wear the comfy trackies 

Exercise when you’re ready 

Eat whatever the hell you need to eat to get through this – just make some of it healthy sometimes

If you’re sick – get tested and isolate

Congratulate yourself – it’s been one hell of a ride so far

Celebrate the little wins

Don’t be too hard on yourself – you’re living through a global pandemic

Let those close to you know how much you love them

Don’t take anyone or anything for granted

Wash your hands again

Love, Nicky xx