Have you ever found yourself taking at least 17 selfies before you dare to post one, or wasting your precious thoughts on what your mother-in-law might say about your new haircut, or even silencing your passion for fear of what other people will think if you launch that dream business?

I hear you on this because perfectionism is something I’ve struggled with heavily in my own career and younger years, which kept me massively stuck…

Even today, with all that is going on in our world, I found myself struggling with that same perfectionism again, alongside many others. I was hesitant to let my voice be heard because I felt like I just didn’t know enough and feared getting it wrong. As a result, my silence was mistaken for not caring and I noticed that I just didn’t believe my voice really mattered.

When I work with my clients, I notice similar programming. Fear of being visible, fear of being heard, and staying stuck because of it.

In this great time of awakening, I knew that one thing remained true, we all know the difference between right and wrong. You don’t have to be a scholar or news reporter who is up to date on all the current facts to speak up about equality and human rights. That’s the information we hold innately within our hearts.

You have to give yourself and others grace to fail forward. We’ve been conditioned to falsely believe in this subconscious programming that we have to be perfect to make a difference or find success. And that’s simply not true. You find that next level when you break-free of your silent and sleepy mentality, and give yourself the permission to just take action.  

The next time you feel the pressures of perfectionism creeping up on you to make you feel less than or inferior, I want you to work to reprogram your mindset and love your imperfections with these three tips.

TIP 1: Perfection is not mastery. Take a newborn baby, for example. We don’t expect a baby to start walking on day one, that would be ridiculous! Even when the child does start walking, they aren’t masterful at it until falling down numerous times and learning from their mistakes. But even then, when the child does start walking masterfully, they aren’t perfect at it as they might still stumble or trip here and there. The child, however, has become a master of walking by shaping it to fit their needs and serve them in beneficial ways. Same with any skill you are looking to enhance in your own life or business. Expect it to be a life-long learning process. Understand that each stumble is a way to grow and better relate to others. Start saying “yes” to your mistakes and use them to find meaningful success.

TIP2: Imperfect action is better than no action at all.  When we feel like we cannot achieve perfection, we tend to toss our ideas aside saying that we aren’t capable. But we forget that it takes more than one try to reach any level of mastery.  I remember early on in my coaching career I would host events that, despite my best efforts, would only have three people enrolled or sometimes no one at all. But I still showed up anyway. The more you show up and stay consistent, the better chance you have at mastering your skill set. Remember to always keep moving forward!

TIP 3: The real you is the only you. Showing up to your audience as a perfectionist by having the picture-perfect social media, copy content without a dotted “i” missed, or hiding your flaws for fear of being seen, makes you incredibly hard to relate to. Let’s face it, perfect doesn’t exist. When we pretend it does, no one can relate because they’ve never experienced it before. People are looking for the whole experience. They want to hear about your mistakes and see your flaws, and most importantly, how you overcome them! Authenticity is the key to connection.

The more comfortable you become with being uncomfortable, the more suited you will be for your own desired skill sets. Showing yourself love by not being overly demanding will allow you the freedom of time and experience. Enjoy the journey and use what you learn to help and inspire others. I can’t wait to see what incredible accomplishments and transformations you achieve through your imperfections!