This is a question that came from someone during one of my Facebook LIVE’s. We were running out of time and I although I quickly gave an answer, I wanted to follow up with some writing about this very question. See the LIVE here.

First, I do so try to not get into the political debates in my writings and in my feed, although if you watch or read, you know very clearly where I stand. So please, this article is not for political debate, but it is for the purpose of exploring the quantum shift from fear to love.

The “Fear of Trump” is a massive one for so many of us. While we don’t understand why anyone could vote for a man who is unprepared, egotistical, narcissistic what is more appalling is the racism, hatred, disregard for anyone except himself. For me, to have someone leading the country who is so against equality, who is so willing to harass, abuse and even assault others frightens me. To watch the news, to see what types of people are being assigned to leadership posts, it scared me.

In my book, Falling Into Ease, there is presented the idea of the Quantum Field, that which is greater than us, that which houses the Infinite, the Good and can be accessed through what I call the Spiritual Heart. In the chapter entitled, Sub-Layers of the Heart, it reads,

“The spiritual heart is likened to the quantum field. It is accessible and experience-able. However, it cannot be thought into. You cannot think your way there and there is no thought in that place. You may receive a hit or hint of inspiration, but you won’t be thinking about it. Once you think about it, you have left the field.

Touching the field, diving deep into it, basking there begins to build new neuro-pathways, new thought pathways and ultimately develops into the habitual way of being.

For now, wherever you are along your path — touch your heart spaces as often as possible. Learn to land in your heart and lead from you heart. There are many variations, many hues, many subtle distinctions within the spiritual heart and at this point, they don’t matter too much.

When we learn to access and live from our hearts, life changes. The decisions you make might be different and certainly the intentions behind the decisions will be. Your basis will be love and Oneness, rather than separation and fear. Drop into your heart on a regular basis and begin to build this new muscle.”

Every time we can shift from fear to love, we have accessed it. Every time we can shift our awareness and energy field from stressed to blessed, we have touched it.

Remember the biblical story of the woman who was bleeding for 12 years. Jesus was walking through a massive crowd — think the mall on Black Friday. There were people pushing and bumping up against each other all over the place; when all of a sudden Jesus stopped and said, “Who touched me?” His disciples were like — “Yo, Dude, are you kidding, you’ve just been touched by dozens of people here in the crowd, what do you even mean?”

He said, “No, someone touched me, I felt the power.” Turns out the woman who had been bleeding was pushing through the crowds with the belief that if only she could touch the hem of the garment, she would be healed. And she was.

We use that story as a metaphor. You only have to touch the presence to be healed. You only have to touch the quantum field for everything to change.

The work that I offer, especially in the Facebook LIVE videos is quick and simple. Some will say it is too quick and too simple. That is exactly what provoked this question. “How can we Quantum Leap from Fear to Love?” Followed by, ”How can that change what we are about to experience?”

Let’s unpack this a bit with further exploration.

The Course in Miracles tells us that there are only two states — fear or love. If you are not in Love, you are in fear. If you are in fear, you are not in love.

If we stick with this very simple, yet not easy premise, we can be freed of fear.

What if all the fear (and anger and hatred and controlling and seemingly going backwards by decades) is simply calling those of us who can be complacent to a newer level of awareness and beingness.

I truly believe that the world is changing, that what we are seeing is the polarity. There are those energies that feed on fear. Look around. Be aware, become conscious of how much fear is used to control us in the media, on television, even in the weather reports.

What if the simple truth is what will turn us around? What if, truly, simply, by getting yourself out of your head and into your deeper, wiser, wider spiritual heart is all it takes.

When I was on my spiritual pilgrimage initiation a few years ago, I knew this so deeply in the cells of my being. I was emptied out in such a way that I had no reaction, I knew only love and guidance in the moment. Any emotions or thoughts that I did have flowed right through me, nothing got stuck. Then as life has continued happening, I too have sticky places, places that are rough and raw, jagged and less than love. I don’t hold judgment on them, I just notice them and then do the work to clear it.

Coming back to the first question: How can we quantum leap from fear to love? We just do it. We cannot baby step. We make the decision. I choose love over fear. In this moment and this moment and the next moment too.

Ask yourself, am I in fear or love?

If you are in fear. STOP! Take a deep breath. Drop your awareness into your body. The body does not live in fear like the head does. Most of the fear we live in is anchored in our minds; through our thoughts. Feel your feet on the ground. Make the connection by breathing through your feet and sending your awareness through the earth to its core. The earth is going to be fine. It has been here long before us and has gone through much worse that we are facing now. Bring your awareness to your hips. Breathe deeply. Let the tension fall right off you, let the earth take it.

Allow your awareness to creep up into your heart and breathe there for a few moments. Notice what is happening in your experience. You might feel a state of relaxing, or quieting, or peace. Now, no matter how much your mind wants to argue, bring to your awareness a sense of appreciation or gratitude. Let that fill your heart and awareness. Stay here for as long as possible.

This simple practice changes our body chemistry and begins to build those new neuropathways. Everything changes here.

Come here again and again. Connect with all the millions of like minded souls who are doing similar work. This is the quantum power.

Will the outer change? I don’t know. Maybe. Maybe not. But what does change is the vibration and frequency of the space around you. Do this at home, with your family, in your work place. Do this when you watch the news. Find the peace and love. Then bring the news into your field. Not the other way around.

From this place of centered connection to something greater than you, ask your inner wisdom, “What is mine to do?” Is there an action I can take today?

“How can that change what we are about to experience?” How can it not? Feel into this, for it can be quite profound if you let it.

How can our love and intention not change the outer? And even if it doesn’t, can you feel how being in Love can change our awareness of, our experience of what might come? Can you notice that even landing in love releases and diminishes fear? What if this is exactly the work that we are called to?

We can only see what we believe. Why not believe in Love? What if it works? How cool is that? What if it works and changes the outer? That would be amazing! What if it works and only changes you? How cool is that? Be the love, become the new pathway of love.

Do not succumb to fear. Feel it, face it and choose Love anyway!

When you join the forces of Love, when you reject fear, choosing love instead; your vibration changes and so does the planets. Take up your mantle! Drop all fear and do what is yours to do in any given moment.

If you’d like personal support, I’m happy to help. I have a signature system to release life-long limiting patterns, including fear from your awareness, activating an accessible power of Love, giving you a quantum leap from fear to love. It’s time! Contact me Here.

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