Nobody wants to be spam people with all of their information, especially in the online entrepreneur world, it always seems like someone is out to crush the dreams of a new entrepreneur. With my design clients, I have started offering special launch packages, and here is what my clients and I do to raise hype before, during and after a l launch a brand:

Go live a few days before/after talking about the launch

Let your friends and family know about your launch. Make sure you share what you’re going to be doing, but also who the site helps and ways to get in on your freebies!

Post in Facebook Groups 2-5 times/day

You should be doing this on the regular anyways, because the more you post, the more visible your brand will get. If your not doing it yet, a great time to start is when your launching. You have all of that amazing momentum in your business and you’re excited and other people will get excited too!

Create Video Content Before the launch to show a sneak peek

I talk all about how to grow your brand with video, in this post and one of the ways I mention is to create video content to go along with your blog posts so that you can share to your business page.

Create a promotion/sale

All of my first clients came from a launch sale I was having. I held 10% off and added some extra bonuses. It was an amazing way to kickstart the revenue in my business as well as those people eventually gave me some amazing word of mouth referrals.

Schedule Podcast Interviews to go live the week of your launch

I want to be on podcasts ALL. THE. TIME! They are so amazing for growing your business, and can be amazing for a launch, especially if the episodes are being aired close to your launch!

Share your branded social media templates

Your website may not be launched yet, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get busy on your social media right away! Sharing your branded social media templates is a great way to give your readers a little insight into what your brand is all about.

Get Pinterest Crazy on your blog posts

Pins usually pick up momentum a few weeks after you post them, so the sooner you create those posts and make pinnable images for them, the quicker you’ll reach that momentum.

Host a Giveaway

This is a great way to grow your list/get likes/shares etc before a launch. Have people like, share, comment or sign up for your email list, and offer something like a free coaching session or a course for free, then pick a random winner.

Create a Launch Party

Whether it’s in person or virtual, creating a launch party is the cats pajamas to creating hype about your brand. Giving sneak peeks, having prizes and creating awareness about your brand at the same time? What what?