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My client had suffered from bulimia and anorexia for 30 years. Hospitalized. Institutionalized.

She consulted with Opra (my Inner Being; some call this “channeling”) for months before she was ready to broach the subject of her body.

She had asked many questions about work, spouse, child, family, friends, dreams, exes, money, jealousy…never a word about her body. Until today.

Below is a transcript from her session with Opra, including two short “rampages of appreciation” done by Opra on the client’s behalf.

A rampage of appreciation is a Law of Attraction technique that intentionally and gradually raises your vibration until you feel better.

Q- ‘I would like to have a more fit, toned body, but I feel very negative about my body. How do I change this?’

A- ‘Choose parts of your body that you love. Choose parts of your body that you adore. Do you like the way your lungs work, as they exchange oxygen really well? Does your blood carry that oxygen throughout your body, without you even telling it to? Can you feel the miracle of this?’

Q- ‘Yes I can. But what about the body I see?

A- ‘Focus on what you like. You have got very cute ears. Do you agree?’

Q- ‘I guess so!’

A- ‘Focus on what you like and milk it. Milk it. 

Tell it how much you love it:

 ‘I love you, my ears. I love you so much. You help me hear the birdsong. You are cute, you are attractive, you are trim, you fit nicely against my head, you hold my head in place. You hold my sunglasses in place.  I could go on and on about how much I am in love with my ears.’ 

Q- ‘Will that raise my vibration?’ 

A ‘Yes. About your body. Do not take our word for it. Simply try it. 

Take our word long enough to just try it. 

Pick a different part of your body every day… If you can only find one thing on your whole body that you love, milk it for a while. Each day, look for something new, if you can’t find anything new, go back to the same one. 

Milk it, talk out loud, tell someone else if you trust them to just listen supportively in a high vibration. 

Talk about how much you love and adore, and in how many different ways, that part of your body. And tell us what happens.’ 

Q- ‘But I was asking how to have more toned thighs, looking better in clothes and looking better naked?’ 

A- ‘How do those things feel?’

Q- ‘Those topics feel heavy.’ 

A- ‘Yes. How do your ears feel?’

Q- ‘My ears feel good!’ 

A- ‘Focus on what feels good. Focus as if your life depends upon it, upon your ears, or any other body part you want to choose, that you can genuinely love and appreciate, both in form and in function.’ 

Q- ‘There is so much I can appreciate about my body.’ 

A- ‘Yes exactly. Appreciate them, don’t just slough it off and say ‘yes I appreciate those things’. That is just words. Really appreciate them. ‘My legs are incredibly strong. They take me everywhere I want to do.’

Q- ‘Yes, legs are amazing!’

A- ‘It is amazing. It is a miracle. I don’t even have to think about it.

I don’t even have to say ‘leg, move one foot forward. OK, now, right leg, shift the weight…wait, wait, wait, shift the weight!’

I don’t have to do any of that.

I just think ‘I want to go over there’. And my body just takes me there!

Oh my God, it’s a miracle.

Appreciate, in your body, in your heart, appreciate.’

Q- ‘Wow, that feels so good.’ 

A- ‘Yes. That is the whole point. Start to feel good about your body.’ 

Q- ‘For the time being, should I worry about exercise?

A- ‘Do not worry about a thing. There is nothing to worry about.’

Q- ‘Right now, I can’t push myself to exercise. It feels too much.’ 

A- ‘Appreciate your body. Appreciate your body. Appreciate your body. Appreciate your body. Love your body. Love your body. Love YOUR body. Love your BODY. LOVE your body.’ 

Q- ‘This feels the best I have ever felt about my body right now.’

A- ‘Yes.’ 

Q- ‘It just feels so good and appreciative. I don’t think I’ve ever felt this good about body before.’ 

A- ‘Yes.’

Q- ‘Thank you so much!’  

A- ‘Yes.’

This client reported a major breakthrough on how her body feels, and how she feels about her body, after this session. She went on to have a complete cessation of all previous “eating disorder” symptoms.

Where in your body has some negative feeling or belief created enough momentum that you feel stuck with it? And what unwanted impact is that having on your life? Whatever it is, it may be time to start letting it go.

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About the Author: Ramona Galey teaches women to love their bodies and transform their lives. She is a Vibrational Mentor, Transformation Coach and Author based in Florida and Georgia. Ramona offers clients around the world one-on-one online sessions, as well as her online BodShift Transformation, a proven system of how to love and transform their bodies and their lives by tuning into who they truly are to get what they really want. You can also sign up for Ramona’s free tips and blog posts.