I have felt the loss of inspiration countless times. I have felt the struggle of searching for a new idea or words to fit the context. It’s a common struggle among artists such as myself. It’s in writers, painters, actors, musicians, directors, and many more. Often we look for a start line before the beginning of a race with our engines ready, but sometimes…sometimes our engines aren’t started and the start line is nowhere to be seen. And even if our engines are started and we’re in the car, we end up going down the wrong path.

Finding your inspiration isn’t difficult. It just takes time. You can’t give up and think to yourself that you won’t find anything because that will get you nowhere. There are ups and downs to everything and this is just one of the downs. All we need is a spark to light our fire. Let me hand you the match.

Finding Your Inspiration…

1. Recognition

The simplest step you can do to regain your inspiration is to recognize and accept that you’ve lost it. Just doing that will keep your inspiration up.

Imagine a meter which shows your inspiration level. Whenever it’s low it needs a boost but that can only happen if you know that it’s low, otherwise it’ll stay there.

2. Action & theme

Sometimes, it’s just taking the action to start something is just what you need to get your imagination and creativity flowing.

There’s a 5-second process you can use to find the theme of your project.

  • Stand by a window
  • Close your eyes
  • Count down from 5
  • Open your eyes
  • The first thing you see is your topic
  • Make a project about that topic

Whether it’s photography or writing, you can make a project about anything that you see outside.

3. An Inspiration Book

When I was 14, I made a book called my Inspiration Book. It had different categories and formats of projects like articles, photos, paintings, and poems. Whenever I felt like I didn’t know what to do, I opened the book and found something to do. Then I’d go stand by the window and find my topic, my theme.

Making an Inspiration Book will allow you to find a format for your next project. A project can be anything from an article to a video. Most times artists need a topic and a format, something like a chart to follow. The Inspiration Book and the window tool help find the simple things, leaving you to create. So next time you don’t know what to write about or what your next project will be, go stand by a window and count down from five.

The simplest step you can do to regain your inspiration is to recognize and accept that you’ve lost it.

Shreya Ladva

In reality, we just need a little spark to light the fire, and only then will the flame grow. It’s all about finding a theme and a format, and from that point on the possibilities are endless. You can write about anything, you can paint anything, you can sing about anything, we just need a way to find that something. So here’s the match, go start your fire.