In the beginning stages of our business, we tend to forget the MANY ways to reach out to our audience. My clients tend to over-complicate prospecting for a new pool of clients or tend to forget that this is simply such an easy step in their sales process!

We are always building relationships right? The best thing for your business is building relationships with your audience so you can build the trust and share the transformation your service-based business gives them.

My clients often think that sitting on social media platforms such as Facebook or Instagram messaging 100 times a day is going to help us get most of our clients. You do not (I repeat, DO NOT) need to spend eight hours on social media platforms messaging people over and over again.

I can name 25 ways to reach your ideal client within a minute; but I’m going to break down 10 (non social media!) ways you can easily reach new clients that are not only free, but easy and different ways you currently are not doing!

1.) Start a blog/write articles
This is different than your original “blog like” Facebook posts that we see every single day. We actually can tell a story or teach something in our posts. Starting a blog can be a lot of work for some, so if you don’t have a website yet let’s not worry about this just yet. The easiest way to start writing articles is to find websites or other blogs that allow you to guest post. Don’t know where to find them? Start asking for collaborators or find people who have websites where you can contribute (websites with similar audiences of course!)

2.) Do an email challenge
Facebook group challenges are easy and simple, especially within our own groups! Let’s think outside of the box today. Have an email list? GREAT! Have an email challenge with your existing list! This also can help you grow your existing email list, revitalize your email list and even start you email list! What fun and easy challenge can you do with your clients in 3-5 days? What would help your ideal clients?

3.) Be a guest on a podcast/vlog/YouTube
Don’t have a podcast or YouTube channel yet? No problem! Find people who do have one and find people who are asking for contributors. There are ALWAYS people looking for contributors, and if you don’t know for sure if they are asking, simply email and ask anyways! I help my clients create an email that simply asks professionally if they can become a guest or contribute to a podcast episode. Don’t sweat the need of starting your own podcast; building your audience and getting a feel for the podcast world by becoming a guest contributor is the right step!

4.) Speaking engagement
OH NO! Public speaking?! Yes! What better way to connect with your audience than being in person? Especially for those that live in or around big cities. These types of events can be easily found or if you are up for it, easily created!

5.) Create your own in person workshop
Again, in person connection! It’s a little nerve-wracking I know but connecting with clients in real life can be so gratifying! Start out with maybe five people to invite and maybe even make it free (why not?!) You can even collaborate with someone that you know so it’s less stress on you. Create a small group or intimate chat session and create the theme or topic.

6.) Attend a networking event
Another in person event but nothing is better than connecting with like-minded individuals. This can open up the doors to so many different collaboration events, guest speaking or any of the other options I’ve mentioned above. Possibilities are endless when you are building your network. Also, did I mention referrals?! Yep, referrals to your business especially if you are building relationships with people who know others that would benefit from working with you!

7.) Pinterest
This is still new for some business owners, but Pinterest can be used for so much more than creating our bucket lists and looking up dinner recipes. Getting leads from Pinterest to our websites or sales pages can be amazing when used correctly. Consistently pinning graphics that link back to our products, blogs or email lists can be life changing for leads.

8.) Virtual Summit
Online Virtual Summits are so fun! Many summits have multiple coaches where they speak on a number of different topics. Each speaker is from a different area of business; where your content will be watched from many people from different walks of life. Sometimes to join an online summit is not free, but there are free ones as well.

9.) Connect with local people for a coffee chat
You know all of those hours of connecting with people on social media? Why not find people who live near you and connect in person with them? Again, meeting in person is powerful and we remember people way more than simply meeting and chatting online for a quick hour. It doesn’t have to be a sales pitch, but simply chat with them about business and what is going on in their lives!

10.) Reach out to past clients
You are always building relationships and the relationships with your past and current clients can be amazing for you! Of course for word of mouth referrals, but also to work with your clients again!

Let’s start opening our eyes and getting out of the comfort zone that is social media. I know that social media can be powerful and very useful in business but let’s also remember that our clients are not always sitting for eight hours on Facebook like we think they are!