Too early? Come on. It’s mid-September already. Winter is coming! Just a little more than hundred days until 2018.

In a couple of months – as every year –  your inbox will probably be flooded once again with the best advice on how to make 2018 your best year ever…The senders will try to convince you that thanks to their method this year it will happen. You will do it – if you use their method that is.

Thanks for the reminder! 

I already know that 2018 will be my best year ever because I will just continue doing what made 2015, 2016, and 2017 my best year ever…Yes. It’s September and I can already say that 2017 has been my best year ever – ain’t that something 🙂 

It all started in 2015 and it just gets better every single year. I made 2015 the best year of my life and since then things I could never even imagine happened – like  turning my book “30 Days” into a Bestseller, being published in by a major publisher in Japan, being offered a publishing deal by a major publisher in Spain, being on national radio or on TV and so on, and so on.

Ok. Let me re-phrase, it didn’t just happen. I worked hard for it to happen.

I went through some tough stuff. Yes, even in your best year ever setbacks and hardships are inevitable, but you can learn how to better deal with them. I also went through tons of rejection and more failure than ever before – those are also inevitable and are part of life. Actually, I never had to face more failure and rejection than in the last three years and it hurt like hell, but I also never was more successful. So that’s totally fine.

Now. The funny thing is in that all those years I never once thought of making them the best years of my life – not even in the beginning of 2015 when my mailbox was also flooded with the best advice and programs… I Just Did it

Here’s how to make 2018 your best year ever:

Just DO it

Don’t think about making the coming year your best year ever. Just do it. You might not even notice that it is your best year yet until the end of the year.

You don’t need to do exceptionally great all year long

To make 2018 the best year in your life you won’t even need to make every day of 2018 the greatest day of your life. You might just need maybe 14 exceptionally great days plus a couple of hundred of little above average days, plus the usual couple or 10 bad days – the rest can be totally average.

How Do you Do it?

1) Take it day by day. Continuously do a slightly above average job, be above average grateful, be above average focused, and above average happy.

2) Set your goals every day and then do your best to reach most of them. If you reach 50% of them you should be fine. (Remember you are already further ahead than the 97% of people who don’t set goals at all).

3) Write down three to five things you are grateful for every day. (This is huge!)

4) Take rejection like a boss and try again, and again, and again

5) Fail many times. Fail your way to success like Thomas Edison did.

6) Take criticism constructively (even if it wasn’t meant to be so) and learn from it.

7) Read a book a week and watch a lot less TV,

8) Focus on one task at a time instead of multitasking.

9) Meditate for 5 minutes a day and take lots of walks in nature.

10) Plan your days ahead.

The Best

You can even procrastinate…some stuff

I faced about 85% of the situations that made me uncomfortable or afraid, head-on instead of procrastinating and talking myself out of it.

That means you can have the best year of your life even if you procrastinate 15% of the time…(not more than that though) and only reach about 40-50% of your goals!

Isn’t that great!!?

That’s about it. No big thing. Just a lot of small things though. They summed up.

I’m doing this for three years now and I have to say…it’s getting even better!

Try it!