Trust plays a vital role in building a relationship, let be with a child, spouse, partner and with any other person.

When you start trusting a person you accept the person and would never break their trust. But life isn’t as you think and there are times when you are being tested by life to make your relationships better that’s a when you can decide who is trustworthy and stand by your side.

There are situations when one breaks your trust, betrays you and you are a hurt or the other way round. We fall into a dilemma whether to trust back the person or not. Well if you truly wish to get back to your relationship and trust the person there are ways to do it.

  1. Trust yourself
  2. Forgive yourself and the partner
  3. Let out your emotions
  4. Clear out misunderstandings
  5. Give time to your partner
  6. Be responsible
  7. Spend quality time
  8. Apologise

1. Trust yourself

Once you feel that you have broken trust of your loved ones, it is important that you realize what you did and understand the situation.

You have regained trust in yourself and believe in yourself and listen to your feelings. Without having trust in yourself you cannot trust the other person and expect them to trust you either.

Be calm and prepare yourself and spend some time with yourself so as to gain confidence and trust back in you.

2. Forgive yourself and the other person

The most important thing is to forgive. Holding on past is of no worth. It is obvious that at some point in time you may realize your mistakes and have regrets. You may feel you should not have acted in such a way.

But getting over that is most difficult part to do and once you forgive with all your heart you feel relieved of past situations to some extent.

In order to forgive the other person, you have to forgive yourself and understand the situation which led to break your relationship.

3. Let out your emotions

In order to understand each other in a relationship, you have to open up yourself, be clear about how you feel and show your emotions to the other person which makes your bond stronger.

Once the trust is broken, take some time and think about what you feel and make the other person understand your feelings and eventually make them realize what made you do what you did.

Showing emotions is very helpful sometimes. People get carried away by emotions very easily and it is necessary to understand each other’s emotions. Show some care and concern.

4. Clear out misunderstanding

Often relationships break by lack of understanding. To bring back the trust you have to clear out things and see through the personal point of view as well.

Don’t cook up stories to make the person believe. Instead, tell how you felt and you have regrets for whatever happened.

5. Give time to your partner

Once the trust is broken it is difficult to build it back. You have to truly feel the mistakes you have made and let them understand your situation.

It is not necessary that they start trusting you overnight. It may take a few days, weeks, months or sometimes longer than that too. You have to be patient and let the person take a decision and understand.

6. Be responsible

If you have dumped someone or broke their trust it is important that you realize your mistake.

There is no use of blaming on each other which may worsen the situation. Take time and tell them that it was your mistake and you are really sorry for what you did.

Accept your mistake and tell them you are sorry for it. Don’t create stories or blame. Control your anger and keep your ego aside.

7. Spend quality time

Spend some time with your loved person and discuss what happened and clear out things from both the end.

Make them believe that it would never happen again and you trust them wholeheartedly.

Don’t make them feel inferior and keep things simple and clear.

Make them realize how important your relationship is and you would make things alright.

8. Apologise 

Asking for an apology is the best way to approach the person. The person would feel. happy that you have accepted your mistake.

Asking sorry doesn’t make you inferior so don’t hesitate to do so. It will save your relationship.

Don’t just say sorry, feel the guilt and pain you have given to the person and let it go and forgive yourself for your mistakes.

After all, it takes no time to break trust and belief. But gaining it back is like achieving the milestone. The acceptance from both sides is important to uplift the relationship.

Make yourself free to let out your feelings, emotions, care, and love. Don’t let them die within you and regret in future for not giving a chance.