For many women, our lives are so jam-packed we do not give ourselves time to just think. I mean thinking time that is not, a  to-do list, beating up on ourselves over a past regret, or even a future worry. Rather, taking a few minutes a day and think about what we want from our life? Our purpose and goals can change over time and we can only keep up if we give ourselves time to think. Thinking time produces clarity and intentional decisions.

There are 1,440 minutes a day and you only need 10 to reclaim your life.

If you cannot find the time? Here are a few tips. 

1. Wake up 15 minutes earlier-5 minutes to get coffee (or tea) and jot down your notes.

2. Spend 10 minutes during your lunchtime or schedule a 10-minute meeting with yourself

3. Take a 10-minute walk and record your thoughts on your phone

4. Turn off the radio and/or put your phone on ‘do not disturb’ during your commute. Voice record or write down your thoughts

5. Use gym time and voice record your thoughts on your phone.

6. Park around the corner from the house and sit in the car 

7. Sit back and think in the tub and record your thoughts

8. Set boundaries and take your 10 minutes

9. Think while under a hairdryer

10. Start 10 minute reading time with the kids- you think, while they read

These are just a few ideas, but it’s up to you to make it happen. You are worth it. 

What’re the  goals:

1. Clear the debris in your mind that limits your potential

2. Create life and career goals 

3. Figure out how to surround yourself with a support circle