Right now is a heavy time full of so much uncertainty. We are faced with such a challenge of looking out for our health, the safety of our loved ones, and being able to provide financially in an economic crisis. We are constantly reminded of the sad truth the world is facing. When challenges present themselves one of the best ways to find understanding, healing, and comfort is to look inward. 

Taking time to reflect on all you still have to be grateful for and showing appreciation for that will reignite that light within. In a world where we are usually on the go and fail to acknowledge some of the people and things that truly give life greater meaning, now is the time to reconnect and appreciate so much of what we take for granted. In a time of uncertainty, one thing you should make certain is your love. Your love for yourself, your family, your friends, the person ringing up your groceries as you checkout, the healthcare workers working tirelessly to fight for humanity, and your love for humankind. Tell your parents how much you love them, catch up with your close friend who lives thousands of miles away, and reconnect with those who make you feel good.

Shifting your focus on what truly matters will make room for what sparks that light within. Think about what genuinely contributes to living a meaningful life to you. Have you been giving your energy and attention to create that meaningful life? Or have you been focusing on things that have little significance at heart but may look good to an outsider? These heavy times can be used as a reminder on where our focus should really be. Is there something you’ve been wanting to create, learn, or teach to others? Now is the time to start prioritizing and working towards bringing your ideas into the world. Use your creative juices to fuel you in a positive way. 

Listen to your body. It may be tired and telling you it needs an afternoon to just chill out. Maybe you need to rest and not focus on any work at all. Listening to a good virtual meditation or even hanging out with the family and watching a movie may be just what your body needs. Productivity isn’t always the answer. I like to compare the body to a battery. We need to refuel and charge, and that is absolutely okay. It is essential! Another way to refuel the body is by feeding ourselves. Are you giving your body the right kind of fuel? Or have you been neglecting to care for yourself in this area? Taking the time to assess how you’ve been taking care of your body can help you create the healthy changes that will have a lasting impact. Looking up some healthy recipes and appreciating a good meal may be just the treat your body needs. 

Remember that your body is the one place you have to live. If we were building ourselves a home we would want to choose the best materials. But it’s funny how we don’t always think that way with our one “true home”. What we choose to take in and feed both physically and mentally doesn’t always support us becoming our best selves. Becoming more mindful will improve your overall well-being. Taking care of your home – mind, body, and spirit is one the greatest things you can do for yourself. In times of adversity reconnecting with your truth will bring that peace, acceptance, and light that you’ve been yearning for. 

Originally published at https://www.marlenerjennings.com